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Ep. 78: Anti-gravity running/Dr. Tracy Cushing, breast cancer survivor
Episode 7822nd October 2021 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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In this episode:

training with a running injury is often impossible and can be a real issue if a race is coming up. A new device called the Lever Movement advertises itself as a potential solution allowing runners to 'unweight' themselves and train through injury getting the benefits of improved fitness while allowing for injuries to heal. Similar but much more complicated and expensive technology in the form of the AlterG offers similar claims. So what does the science say? Are these devices worth the investment of money and time or is there a cheaper more accessible solution? Plus, a conversation with Dr. Tracy Cushing. Always smiling, always moving forward no matter what obstacles she faces, this triathlete had to deal with a rare form of breast cancer and through it all used triathlon as one of her main motivators through her darkest moments. Hear how she made it through and returned just as strong as ever.


[6:54]- Anti-gravity running

[20:51]- Dr. Tracy Cushing


AlterG website: link

Tracy Cushing on IG: @tracycrushescancer

Information on Lobular Breast Cancer: link