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The Restaurant Prosperity Formula - David Scott Peters EPISODE 23, 30th June 2021
How to Find and Keep Restaurant Employees
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How to Find and Keep Restaurant Employees

In episode 23 of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I address the major challenge the hospitality industry is experiencing here in the United States as the states open back up and restaurants are experiencing huge sales increases. That challenge is the shortage of restaurant employees. Restaurants are extremely short-staffed, which means restaurant owners are spending all their time working in the business and can’t be strategic, and restaurant managers and existing employees are overworked, and it’s all affecting the guest experience. While this is a temporary situation, there is no perfect predictor for when it will end or how it will be different going forward. That’s why in this episode I talk about why I believe our industry is affected so much right now and what you can do moving forward to become an employer of choice in the future no matter what the outside factors are that are working against you.  

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