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Sales Consulting Chronicles: From Fixer to Founder with Jason Pearl #038
Episode 3830th June 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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In this episode, we explore Jason Pearl’s inspiring journey into sales consulting. Raised in an entrepreneurial household, Jason's career path was set early on. Join us as we uncover the story behind the name of his consultancy, Nacre Consulting, and learn about the strategic steps he took to acquire his first clients.

Discover how Jason earned the nickname "the Fixer" within Wells Fargo and gain insights into his experiences starting his consultancy with no pipeline and limited savings while supporting his family. We also delve into his transition from a solopreneur to scaling up his consultancy, including his successful approach to acquiring new clients, particularly through private equity firms with portfolio companies.

Throughout the interview, Jason shares valuable lessons, such as gracefully offboarding clients and pursuing the right fit, along with his perspective on incorporating AI for efficient growth in today's business landscape. Tune in for an engaging discussion that offers actionable insights for consultants and entrepreneurs seeking success in sales consulting.

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Time Stamps:

[:10] How Jason got into Sales Consulting.

[2:35] What it was like being raised in a household where both parents were entrepreneurs.

[6:00] We double click on Jason’s transition into Sales Consulting exploring how his career path set him up.

[11:00] The meaning behind the name of his consultancy and why he named it Nacre Consulting.

[12:00] What he did for the first 6-months to acquire his first clients.

[13:00] How Jason earned the nickname of “the Fixer” within Wells Fargo.

[17:00] I dig into what it was like for Jason and his family with 2 kids in highschool when he started his consultancy with no pipeline and few months of savings.

[23:10] How Jason took his consultancy from operating as a solopreneur to scaling up and bringing on employees.

[29:00] How Jason and his team are acquiring new clients today.. Hint hint.. Private Equity Firms with portfolio companies.

31:00] I ask Jason if he’s ever had to fire a client and he shares a great story that every consultant should listen to where he explains how he off boards clients in a graceful manner. 

[33:20] A story about how Jason chased ‘bad money’ (clients that aren’t a good fit).

[38:00] I ask Jason if he would ever sell Nacre.

[40:30] Jason breaks down The Nacre Growth Assessment which includes taking a holistic approach to assessing a new client’s business when they first engage.

[46:00] How at times they tie their fees to outcomes / back-end compensation.

[50:32] How companies can go about developing better clarity in their Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy so that people can be guided better.

[53:30] I ask for Jason’s perspective on where he thinks we are and what he is seeing in terms of incorporating AI in order to do more with less in this new“Efficient Growth” era.

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