Laura Dawn on Visionary Leadership in the Psychedelic Space (Interviewed by Natasja Pelgrom) - 29
Episode 2924th June 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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As we continue to witness the interest in psychedelics rapidly escalating, more and more people are feeling the call to step into leadership roles in the psychedelic space. But leadership can mean many different things and can take many different forms.  

In this episode of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, Natasja Pelgrom (from the Awaken Podcast) interviews Laura Dawn about Visionary Leadership, what it means to cultivate a practice with sacred plant medicines and be open to receive their transmission, and then what it takes to step out and lead from this heart-centered wisdom. 

We explore the nuanced balance of how we need to give ourselves permission to lead but how and why we need to hold the process of stepping out with our offerings with great responsibility, rooted in experience. 

Natasja askes Laura Dawn’s perspective on how we can set ourselves up for success by cultivating peer-to-peer support groups as well as cultivating relationships with elders whom we respect and can trust to offer us clear, lucid feedback and reflections to help steer us in a good direction. This is also most beneficial when it’s built on the foundation of personal practices. Because in the end, we can only take people as far as we’ve gone ourselves.

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