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Running A Business Doesn't Have To Be Lonely
Episode 25219th July 2022 • Course Building Secrets® Podcast • Tara Bryan
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One thing people often don’t talk about with running your business solo is the loneliness; the pressure and responsibility to make all the decisions, and the lack of support.

Today we chat about the benefit of having a coach or group of peers, you can share those difficult conversations with. Employees are great for chatting but you can’t have those honest conversations with them as they look to you to be strong and confident. Get out of your normal environment and look for new perspectives that will help you get to the next level.

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Tara Bryan:

Hey, everybody, it's Tara, Bryan, and you are listening to the course building secrets podcast. Whether you're a coach or a CEO, the success of your team and clients is based on your ability to deliver a consistent experience and guide them on the fastest path to results. This podcast will give you practical real life tips that you can use today to build your online experiences that get results and create raving fans. Why? So you can monetize your expertise and serve more people without adding more time or team to your business. If you're looking to uncover your million dollar framework, package it and use it to scale you're in the right place. Let's dive in.

Tara Bryan:

Hey, everybody, welcome to today's episode. Today's episode, I want to talk about running your business by yourself. And some of the pitfalls that fall in to place when that happens. So I was talking to one of my business besties the other day, and she was struggling with running her business by herself. And it just felt like she felt somewhat lonely, she felt like she had to have all the answers herself. And it just wasn't anyone else to support her at the level that she, you know, had because of being the owner of a business. And so I wanted to talk a little bit about that today. Because I don't think that it's something that we talk about very often. And, you know, one of the things she was sort of grappling with is, oh, well, if I find this, you know, particular employee, then they'll really help me, I don't feel like I have somebody else who's in the business with me. And it won't be, they won't feel so alone. So much of that I'm doing all the things and making all the decisions and sort of holding all of this space, or even excitement and worry and all of the things that we all deal with as business owners. And so I want to talk a little bit about that today. Because you also may be feeling a little bit like that, I know that I feel like that many times. And when you're the owner, the the challenge is if you're a single owner, like if you have a partner, it's different. But if you're a single owner, that the biggest challenge is that you are the one who is responsible for all of the things in the business, right, the good, the bad, the ugly, all the things, and ultimately, like you bring on a team, and you can have amazing team members, but at the end of the day, they don't own the business, they're not responsible for the business, they're looking to you to make the decisions and make sure that things are, are moving forward. And sometimes that's a hard place to be. And I know that you know, it's just you just think about how much responsibility that is. And and, and so often we take that on because we have something bigger that we want to share with the world, we have a message, we have a product, we have a service, something that we're passionate about, that helps us to see the bigger picture. So we kind of don't get bogged down with those things.

Tara Bryan:

But the question becomes what happens when you do get bogged down with those things? What happens when those become sort of the driving force in how you're making decisions, either good ones, or bad? You know, I don't have all the answers for this. But I know that in, in the 20 years that I've been running a business, one of the things that has served me so well is having a community of people who are also kind of in the same position where they're owning a business, or they're going to the same things they sort of, you know, you can have those honest conversations. Sometimes with employees, you can't have those honest conversations, because they're counting on you. Right, if you, you talk about your worries, or you're talking about things that aren't necessarily working or things that you want to do to change the business, they get nervous, because that's obviously where their paycheck is coming from, where their livelihood is coming from. So it's hard to kind of disclose those and talk about those things, because they need you to be confident they need you to share with them honestly, but also, you know, be the one running the ship, because nobody's running the ship, then we've got a problem in the business, obviously. And so one of literally one of the things that has just transformed that for me is having a coach and having a group of sort of like minded business owners, who we all can share and, and you know, have those conversations with to grow to sometimes cry and then always to celebrate. And and so if you're in that position right now, I just encourage you to find a coach find a group or a community that helps to be there and have those honest conversations, you know, celebrate the good, the bad, the ugly, the all the things right. And, you know, sometimes I think people are surprised at the amount of expense or the The amount of investment that I spend every year in, in those groups or in, you know, having coaching. And it's so powerful, especially as a coach yourself, right, if you have any sort of coaching component to your business, you better have a coach yourself, who is helping to guide you, because that's the, you know, core philosophy are a core belief that you have in your business. But it just helps to get you out of your, your kind of your own head out of your own stuff. And I know that, that it's just been instrumental for me as I go through all the ups and downs of business ownership is, is really being able to have those connections and those that community to help. And sometimes it's getting out of the environment, right, just getting out of your normal environment and going somewhere else. And just getting a new perspective, because you're in a new place. Sometimes it's just a phone call, sometimes it's a conversation, sometimes it's just consuming something a little bit differently, you know, material or content or, or whatever else that shifts your perspective. So if you're struggling with this today, I just really want to tell you that one, you're not alone. This is this is like normal for being a business owner, because you are running it by yourself. And there are times when it is it is sort of you do feel alone, you feel lonely, you feel like you're you're sort of running against the grain, when it comes to what you're doing. And so, you know, just know that that's okay, and embrace that. And and then the next question is, you know, who do you need to help support you, and sometimes, yes, it's getting a team, and it's getting people to come in and help. But when it's a directional sort of ship, writing, change, a coach or community is going to help you an employee will never help you through that. It has to come from outside has to come from the level of you as a business owner, not from the level of a team or an employee, because they're not actually going to be the ones who are able to do that. So hopefully, this message resonates, I would love to hear your story or how you, you have dealt with this.

Tara Bryan:

So you know, leave comments or reach out to me, I would love to chat more about this. And so there you go, that is my corresponding tip for the day is make sure that you have a community make sure that you have you know, somebody, at least a coach, or a business bestie or somebody that you can reach out to just to talk to about the various things because sometimes, honestly, it's just about getting a different perspective. All right, there you go.

Tara Bryan:

Everybody just wanted to jump on at the end of this episode to let you know about a special event that we're hosting in August, it's August 1 to the fifth, it's called gamify. My course camp, not only are we having a camp theme, meaning you're going to be doing tug of war and an obstacle course, a scavenger hunt all sorts of things. But we're really going to spend some time focused on your course adding participation and ways to engage your learners in your course. So they finish because I don't know about you. But so often people come to me and the biggest challenge that they have is that people aren't staying they're not finishing their courses. They're not attending to their new offers. It's almost like they're bringing them in and they have a leaky bucket because they're going right back out. So if that is you if you are interested in taking your online course or program to the next level, please come and join us. It'll be again August 1 through the fifth game of buying my course camp. You can find that at Tara bryan dot com forward slash gamify. Hope to see you there.