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Good leadership when under pressure is staying focussed on the process to the outcome, guest Inderjit Singh
1st October 2021 • Soul-Inspired-Leadership • Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier
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Leaders leading under pressure is a much discussed topic currently. With the world under pressure leading through to getting back to some form of construct for business.

What's the key when, as a leader, you're leading and are under pressure?

Inspite of the best plans, things do go wrong. They do so because technology can play up, key people may have personal emergencies and not be able to be at work. Such unexpected gaps occur. What helps is the training and the experience one has in managing the pressure.

In addition to the work related pressure leaders often have pressures from the social recognition they get for their leadership. A certain expectation is created about leadership performance. 

The key here is to ensure that your mind is focused. Then the pressure acts as a driver of efficiency. It acts positively in one's performance. Being focused comes from loving what you do. It becomes a part of your self and what you do. 

Pressure comes in different forms and it's about how, as a leader, you process the information and where you keep your focus. Focusing on the event helps ease the pressure.

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