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Taboos with SeaAphrodite
Episode 831st May 2024 • Average Takes • Israel Ekanem
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SeaAprodite explores why people find taboo subjects interesting and how the internet has influenced the exploration of taboos. She also discusses the cultural differences in taboos and the sensitivity surrounding topics like incest and family play, toilet play, and race play.

SeaAphrodite emphasises the importance of understanding partners' desires and setting boundaries in taboo play. They also discuss the emotional and mental toll of engaging in taboo play and the importance of psychological and physical safety.

This episode concludes with a focus on leaving partners in a better place after engaging in taboo play.


The internet has provided greater access for people to explore taboo subjects.

Taboos vary across cultures, and individuals bring their sensitivities and experiences to the table.

Understanding partners' desires and setting boundaries is crucial in engaging in taboo play.

Psychological and physical safety should always be prioritised in taboo play.

Leaving partners in a better place after engaging in taboo play is a key consideration.




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