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Making Pain My Partner w/ Nathalie Paul
Episode 42nd January 2021 • The Sovereign Medicine Podcast • Dan Strelan
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Dan tunes in with Dance Facilitator, Healer & Mindset Coach Nathalie Paul, in Episode 4 of the Sovereign Medicine Podcast. Nathalie shares with us the gold that she has found on her intuitive journey into healing her own body through engaging with her physical and emotional pain and entering into partnership with this being.

While Nathalie enjoys an active and expressive lifestyle as a Dance Facilitator on the beach of Maroubra in Sydney and indoors with Ecstatic Evolution, it wasn't always this way. In 2009, Nathalie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affected her eyes, gut, musculoskeletal system, energy levels and every aspect of her life.

Even though she found relief through the industrial-medical complex, Nathalie was left with the side effects of the medication, and an overwhelming feeling of disempowerment. She then decided to take matters into her own hands.

Having newfound energy and freedom in her body, Nathalie began dancing on the rocks of Maroubra, a natural expression of emotions embodied, and her community spontaneously arose as she followed her impulses.

Nathalie is vibrant and vivacious. Her natural sharing is an inspiration. At the essence of Nathalies message is a simple and infectious truth - that when you truly appreciate every aspect of your life, you will find your way into deep peace and ecstatic joy. She invites us to trust in life, to explore our feelings, to express them through authentic movement and also to embolden our mindset with an empowered attitude of gratitude.

Who Is Nathalie Paul

Nathalie is a health fanatic, an ecstatic dance facilitator, a writter, mindset coach, a nutritionist, PT... many things! She is somebody who brings people together to celebrate the joy of life in a way that only comes when we embrace all of ourself - in pain and bliss. Nathalie collaborates with the high vibe kids of Sydney in co-creating transformative and transcendent event experiences. You can find her shaking her booty with her crew on the rock bowl just north of Maroubra Beach on a Thursday morning, or indoors at various events in the Inner West of Sydney.

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