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Top contract negotiator in Japan, Tim Harvey, tells how he did it
Episode 2413th February 2023 • Jandals in Japan • Jayne Nakata & Catherine O'Connell
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Tim Harvey has negotiated over 1000 contracts including 500 rugby players into Japan over his time at one of the leading sports agencies in Japan. We ask Tim how he has been so successful and what he’s up to now, and how you can work with Tim to fast track your entry to the Japanese market.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Tim got his start in Japan as a translator with the Mitsubishi Dynaboars
  • His non negotiables when he is negotiating in Japan
  • The biggest thing that trips up people entering Japan
  • How Tim’s radical candor - “brutal honesty” - was a counter-intuitive, tactical approach for successful relationship building
  • Tim’s latest venture and how he can help you to get traction in Japan fast

About Tim

In his previous role as Head of Japan for a leading sports agency, Tim conducted over 1000 successful contract negotiations between New Zealand and Japanese enterprises. 

His focus on building relationships sticking to his boundaries and values, has made him a valuable partner for any Kiwi business looking to operate in Japan.

Tim has a natural understanding of both Japanese and New Zealand cultures, as a result of his upbringing as a “missionary kid” in Japan. He was raised with strong moral values, with an emphasis on caring for people and building relationships. Trust, integrity and conviction have been at the heart of his business dealings in Japan and New Zealand for over 20 years.

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