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Mining Technology Partners Podcast - Cindy Collins 3rd September 2018
Laser Mining Method from Merger Mines Corp – Episode 12
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Laser Mining Method from Merger Mines Corp – Episode 12

In this episode,we have Merger Mines Corporation, a company innovating in the development and use of laser-based technology for mining. Merger’s innovative mining methods will lower mining costs significantly and reduce miners’ exposure to dangerous situations that they typically encounter when using explosives and traditional mining equipment.

Merger’s design and manufacture of high tech, state-of-the-art laser-based narrow vein mining arrays which incorporate the use of robotics and highly sophisticated computer programs are specifically designed to achieve maximum production.

To tell us all about it, Gary Mladjan, Director and VP, Engineering and Technology and Lex Smith, President and Director of Merger Mines Corporation answer a few questions and describe their team, how they came together and some of the engineering and applications around their laser-based narrow vein mining arrays.


Merger Miner in it’s current configuration as described in the podcast

Merger Miner in its current configuration as described in the podcast

Links, how to get in contact and more information:

Website: http://www.mergerminescorp.com/ (See contact page)

Merger Mines on Facebook

Merger Mines on LinkedIn



Market Watch News

Groundhog to operate Merger Laser Miner technology


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