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141: Shaping the Future of Modern Entrepreneurship
Episode 14129th August 2023 • Burnout To All Out Podcast • Melissa Henault
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Unveiling a glimpse into the Living All Out Summit: Join us as we draw back the curtain to offer you an exclusive preview of our recent Summit. In conjunction with the exciting launch of Melissa’s new collaborative book, her co-authors took to the virtual stage to share their expertise and breakthrough experiences with a live audience this August.

We have handpicked a representative author from three distinct categories: Business Leadership, Lifestyle Optimization, and CEO Family Management. The episode touches on the importance of surrounding oneself with growth-minded individuals, simplifying life for a thriving business and healthy family, and finding balance between work and life.

Don’t miss this episode of Burnout to All Out. It provides valuable insights and personal experiences highlighting the importance of balance, self-care, and surrounding oneself with impact-driven individuals in shaping the future of modern entrepreneurship.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Storytelling
  • Book writing
  • Living All Out
  • Summit
  • Speaker
  • Energy flow
  • Thriving business
  • Best seller
  • Mastermind
  • Author
  • Lifestyle optimization
  • Business leadership
  • Family management

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And we are streaming live. Hello LinkedIn community. We are getting started with our, our Zoom group and our LinkedIn community going live today with our Living All Out Summit. I am so excited. We're gonna get rocking and rolling 'cause we have got a jam packed calendar today.

So if you're wondering and like, what do I, what do I sign myself up for today? What is this, you guys? We are in the midst of a summit today. Uh, and the focus topic is discover what's shaping the future of modern entrepreneurship. That is what we're gonna be talking about today. And I have got some incredible presenters today from our exclusive year long burnout to All Out Elevate 360 mastermind retainer where our clients are really focused on business growth, but also personal growth, and fulfillment because bodies build businesses, right?

If you're here, [:

But rather we subscribe to the pursuit of the modern entrepreneur is actually quite the opposite, right? We subscribe to the idea that we are entrepreneurs because it gives us the autonomy to make health, relationships and personal fulfillment first and foremost in this lifetime, right? So while we're building a legacy of wealth and making an impact on this world, and so I am so excited for you guys to hear from these ladies, these men who are paving the way as an example of what Living All Out is truly about.

s put their hearts and souls [:

And for that in today's summit, where are we headed? We have categorized our speakers into three different areas that they're gonna speak to today. And you'll see it kind of flows really nicely with their chapter topics in the book. We're gonna be focused on first and foremost around business leadership.

It is a business mastermind, right? and then, some of our speakers are gonna dive into lifestyle optimization. and then on the back third of our summit today, we're really gonna be talking about c e o family management. So as you can see, it is a full circle. It kind of encompasses the Elevate 360.

The reason our mastermind is called 360 is because it's a 360 degree approach to life and business, right?

ou guys are also gonna get a [:

Jackie Dewitt is our Chief Integrative Officer, \ , and she is going to mc us for the first half of our summit around business leadership. So Jackie, I am gonna turn it over to you. Okay, awesome.

I'm gonna kick this off with Sarah Davenport, who, I mean, I'm gonna read your bio, but I'm gonna say you're a rockstar.

Like Sarah is a complete rockstar. Like I give her things to run with and she's just like, bam, bam, bam. Tell me what's next. Let me go. And it's a pleasure having you today and I'm so proud of you. So with that, Sarah Davenport is an award-winning journalist who spent decades as a news anchor for different N B C stations across the country while working in television was her dream.

changing dynamics of TV news [:

because living an all out life, you need people who are gonna build you up along the way. So we're gonna talk about that and I'm gonna show you as part of this whole living an all out life. So here's my question to you. Are you on a hamster wheel of life? What does that mean? Well, you know what that looks like, where you, you dread Monday mornings, you're working for the weekend, right?

It's Friday and then Sunday hits, and you get a pit in your stomach all over again, right? Because Monday's right around the corner, it's that same week over and over. It's a hamster wheel, right? So if you feel like I'm talking to you, don't worry. I've got some good tips for you today. And also, it's how most Americans feel.

It's how most people [:

That's called the status quo. And you guys, my friends, that is how to live a very uneventful and oftentimes very unfulfilling life. So. I wanna say, if you're thinking I'm made for more, I know there's more out there. I wanna do more and be more and have more so I can bless more and give more and and be more.

you're a note taker, number [:

You wanna have a clear life vision, knowing who you are and what do you want outta life. And I'm not just talking about, okay, I wanna pay off my bills. I wanna not be stressed. I wanna make it through the day without killing my kids. Right? Those, those are like wishes, right? I'm talking about vision. I'm talking about life vision, and to create a vision like that, it's starts with dreaming again.

So when's the last time you dreamed? I mean, really dreamed I dusted off the dreams on the top shelf, pulled 'em down and started dreaming again. Because for me, as a television anchor, that was my dream, and I made it to a big market, Houston, Texas. I anchored the morning show there in front of 4 million people every day, right?

to go hike a mountain. They [:

I had gotten comfortable. Yes, I had hit my dreams, my goals, but it wasn't my life vision. So if you were stuck in a comfort zone, I've gotta tell you, it's a lot more like a mediocre zone. You're probably not stretching yourself. So I realized I wasn't growing. I had put a lid on my potential without even realizing what I was doing.

So if you say right now, if you've been saying these things to your head, we gotta talk. If you're saying, gosh, the summer's going really fast, like, where's the year gone? Like 20, 23 is halfway over. If you are saying those things or if that resonates with you, you aren't living an intentional life right now.

My kids go to school Monday [:

But that's living all out. That's designing a life that we're eking out every last bit of summer. But to get to this point, we had to get uncomfortable. My husband and I, we had to uncover who we were outside of our jobs, outside of the labels. We had to dream again. And that's why when I work with my coaching clients, and a lot of them are in tv, a lot are not in tv, but they just want to design a life they love.

We start with what I call the life vision workbook. They're questions that you go through to ask yourself like, what really lights me up? what would life look like if I dreamed again? What would your life look like if you truly designed a life you love?

sayers out there, they don't [:

And those naysayers could be your friends, they could be your family members, right? They could be your closest coworkers. They're often the ones who hold you back because they're in their comfort zone, they don't wanna break out of that, right? And they see you taking steps to do big things and they try to pull you back.

So I want you to elevate your circle. Surround yourself by people who think big, who want more, who want to grow? Who are the dreamers but also the doers. Where do you find those people? Well, you find 'em in groups like this, right? And Melissa's Burnout to All Out community. Uh, I'm in an amazing mastermind with her.

tart designing that life you [:

Okay? The final key to living an all out life. Are you ready? Stay open to new things. Keep your options open, right? So for me, I thought I'd be a TV anchor forever, but I knew I wanted to design a life I love where I could have 12 weeks of vacation a year where I could still make a six figure income, where I could show my kids the world, not just Houston, Texas, literally take them throughout the world so they can see how blessed they are to be growing up in America.

I wanted to do big things, but I couldn't do it behind the TV anchor desk. I couldn't do it chasing hurricanes instead of chasing my kids. So I thought about getting in freelancing. I love true crime shows, and so I kept my options open. I learned how to network. And you guys, if you aren't connected with Melissa, she'll show you how to network on LinkedIn, learn how to network right?

was able to follow my dream, [:

A fellow TV anchor of mine got into the social selling industry and I thought she lost her mind. I thought she was nuts. But she partnered with a company that had products that she aligned with that she believed in. Uh, they were plant-based nutrition products and health and wellness products.

And I saw her replace her TV income and her plan B became her plan A. And I'm like, okay, I'm gonna keep my options open. I'm gonna look into this whole social selling thing. And you guys, that's what I did. So with freelancing and true crime shows and with my social selling business, I was able to design a life I love.

, and then keeping that open [:

You didn't die, you didn't lose a limb. Move on, right? Keep your options open and try new things. And so the bottom line to me, it's this. If you dread Sunday nights, if you are on that hamster wheel of life and you find yourself daydreaming of like, what else could I do outside of this job that I kind of like, maybe I don't like at all?

If you dream about what your life would've been like if you had won that lottery last night, right? How about actually making steps to, to make that happen, make it a reality? I'm a big proponent of Plan Bs and Plan Cs. I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of income,

Do this for yourself. Are you guys loving this? Like, share with me in the chat because we're gonna transition to our next topic

What I see and what I feel is a ripple effect of inspiration to these other listeners.

You know, we've [:


we have another Burnout to All Out leader to introduce you to, Lisa Unru. If you guys do not know Lisa, she is our programs director. If you're inside any of our programs, you know, Lisa, because you are so well taken care of. She supports all of our programs, uh, supports from a customer service standpoint, all of our clients.

you as our mc for lifestyle [:

So you're all a part of that here today, and I just love being here. I'm already inspired.

So Judy Tierney is an Austin-based real estate investor, agent and coach with a passion for helping clients generate wealth and transform their wildest dreams into reality through real estate investing. Since purchasing her first property at age 25, Judy's investments have provided her with a secondary income stream that is enabled her to travel to almost 50 states and seven continents.

nk you Lisa. Hello everyone. [:

So excited that we now have a bestselling book, and the summit is just amazing. So thank you all so much for being here. Today I wanna share with you all, a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. And it's about how I used my corporate wisdom to create unforgettable travel experiences.

I know it can be difficult for all of us. We've all got careers and families and commitments and all of the other things, but from being in the corporate world and a real estate entrepreneur for 35 years and, traveling all along the way, uh, I hope that I can share some tips and tricks and lessons that I've learned, uh, to help you all achieve some of these same memorable moments.

sson that I've learned is. A [:

I worked all the time, but I'm gonna tell you, I had a lot of fun along the way. And then one day I got this crazy idea that I would take an entire year off, and travel around the world. I thought I was at the height of my career and there's no better time to do it than now.

and a couple months later we [:

, we were armed with probably a dozen lonely planet travel guides as well as all of our notes and schedules and spreadsheets of everything that we planned to do along the way. So of course we had a checklist of all of the sites we wanted to see, all of the countries we wanted to visit, et cetera. But when we got to Africa, we learned very, very quickly that in developing countries, no one is in a rush.

Local buses don't run on time, and oftentimes businesses aren't open when they say they're going to be and when they're supposed to be. So we had to do a total reset, and just get on local time, as they say. , and it was only then that we really realized and really came to appreciate where we were.

ing invited into their homes [:

Through my travels, I discovered the freedom of relinquishing control, the art of slowing down, and the joy of a simple meal at a roadside stall washed down with a 25 cent local beer. So I recently read a book called Die With Zero. And the author talks about how the memories that we make today are going to be the experiences that we are reliving over and over when we're older and don't have the opportunity and aren't able to do all the things that we can do now.

to some exotic destination, [:

My next lesson is making yourself your number one priority. Now, I learned this lesson a little bit of the hard way. When I came back from that trip, I. I jumped right back into work. I got a job that was very similar to the one that I was in before this time I was in San Francisco instead of New York.

My first week on the job I was working for an agency that managed sports sponsorships. My client's company was a sponsor of the N F L. So on my first week in the job, I was flying to Miami to attend the Super Bowl. And in subsequent months, I also went to the Daytona 500 and the Kentucky Derby and the other Triple Crown horse races.

in Miami and spent time with [:

And I know many of you have experienced very similar situations in your own, journeys, but I found it easy nonetheless to jump back into my old habits, dive into work. And in four years, I got the news that the company was closing and that I and the rest of the staff were being laid off. So, I realized at that moment that I was never going to let any company or any other human being control, my destiny.

I still attribute that trip [:

And in fact, they've moved, have moved to Portugal, and I'm going to see them for three weeks in October. the next year I also went to a Super Bowl party at a friend's house. And I had so much fun being at an event, you know, hanging around my friends and, talking and being with normal people than I ever had at the, you know, going to any of these actual events with people that I didn't wanna be with.

so I would encourage you again to make yourself the number one priority. And I know we've heard that theme reiterated over and over from our speakers today, but not everyone can take exotic vacations all of the time. So even if it's taking a few hours on an afternoon to really experience and be present and enjoy the things and the people around you, it's so important and critical that we take the time to do that.

of you may be familiar with [:

But the point I wanna make is that now is also the time to be creating experiences. and I have a few tips on how to do that. So number one, make a list of everything on your bucket list, everything that you wanna do for the rest of your life that you know about today, and take a look at your expected life expectancy and kind of try to map those things out where you think you want to do them.

boat all day, maybe that the [:

Don't wait until you retire because you'd never know, you may not be able to do those things then. second tip is practice saying yes, I've been in the situation many, many times where I'm invited to an event that's really important to a family member or a friend, and I'm just too tired or I'm too busy.

So I'm not saying to say yes to everything, but look at those things that are, you know, consider how you're gonna feel the next day, the next week later on. if you say no, 'cause I think some of those things, you know, just those little events, things that you do every day with the people you love are going to be the memories that are most important to you later on in life.

doing meditation, or perhaps [:

I've been investing in real estate since I was 25 years old, so for a very long time. And when I finally realized it was time for me to leave the corporate world for good, I was able to jump and pivot right into that career. And now I'm doing what I love and helping aspiring investors, I'm helping them navigate their path to their first investments.

ation time. And on average in:

that's about nine and a half [:

Also, to put yourself first and work less and experience more,

thank you so much, Judy. Who else wants to get into Judy's suitcase and go with her on these adventures? Me, Melissa, you're gonna have a full suitcase. Judy, thank you so much for sharing with us, for, just being here today and part of our community. We're better because of you. So thank you so much.

ther the way they have if it [:

Not only has she facilitated. The production of this book, literally from beginning to end. She has been the point of contact for everything from the, written portions of the book to the graphics on the book, the cover, everything. But she worked intimately with storytelling with each individual mastermind member.

nowledge Danielle, and that, [:

Obviously, the authors had to write their stories, which came together beautifully because of your mentorship. But what people don't see that I see is the backend of the production of getting this book out and orchestrating all the stakeholders involved to bring a book to life. And I just want you to know how like seen you are and how grateful we are that you have really helped birth 20 new bestselling authors.

entire life. I'm so honored [:

I have had the absolute privilege of working with each one of them both in a group setting and individually over the last nearly eight months, can you guys believe it? It's been almost eight months that they've been working on this. As they've walked through that process of sharing their all-out life stories and getting it into writing, it's been, it's been quite a process, but we've tried to make it as fun as possible.

I am a life story coach, and my primary goal is always to make, people feel seen, heard and valued in the process of sharing their stories. And I could not have asked for a more incredible group of people to take through this process.

So with all of that, congratulations. Let's walk into this next section of today's book Launch and Summit.

We are gonna be talking about c e o family management,

And next up is [:

She's not just a business-minded individual, though Danielle is a fervent believer in women having their own financial independence for the unexpected times and the freedom to choose their path. So Danielle and I also had a special moment in Arizona where we just took a deep dive into, all into her specific all-out story to uncover what she felt called to share about during this season of her life.

trials in front of you, you [:

So without further ado, Danielle, I'm handing it over to you. I feel really blessed to be grouped in this c e o Healthy family lifestyle.

Um, really excited about the book and hearing everyone's stories again. It has been such a unique process. And when we all met in February, each of us said, It's not always common to just connect and vibe with people and out of a group so large. We all just had this energy flow that has come into this book and it's been amazing.

h has changed and evolved. In:

My husband had dreams as well, and I adapted to his military lifestyle and where the military was taking us. That was really hard for me. And until I found network marketing as a mom and especially a new mom, my life really transitioned. So then I had one child, I had a deployed spouse. He left when our daughter was five weeks old.

nd it was probably the first [:

My personality is, a lot of fun and energy and constant change and stuff kind of is a characteristic of that because if I'm not enjoying something, I'll pivot and the hustle mentality almost gives you no time to think about that kind of stuff. But with the hustle, it helped me to hide. I was able to hide behind the struggling marriage, right?

I was able to ignore things that weren't in their prime during that time. The things that I did as a beginner business woman during deployment and as a solo mom was time blocking.

that? But then once they did [:

So I highly encourage it and recommend it, especially for those of you who have multiple things in your life that you're juggling. The second tip is open communication. This is huge when it comes to entrepreneurship and having a healthy family lifestyle. Everyone in your family should be involved in this conversation.

ent, but it's important that [:

The third tip is gonna be to leave the house mess. It doesn't need to be cleaned every single day. I learned this early on. It was much easier with a spouse deployed because there definitely was no one complaining about the mess. But my husband grew up. It with, knick-knacks and stuff everywhere. So he really does not complain about a messy house.

He knows and understands this life well, but you wanna create a cleaning schedule for those of you who want to know when you're gonna be doing the home tasks. It's on your schedule, you know when it's gonna get done, so you can ignore it short term. It's not gonna be ignored forever, but it allows you to focus on your business when you need a no distraction timeframe.

and hire out. This is super [:

So look at the things that you can take off of your list, whether it's, a laundry service or, someone to come and clean your house for you. But with that time, you need the discipline so that you're specifically working, you're replacing that time, that you're not cleaning, organizing, doing different things for your business time.

rything, donated half of our [:

Honestly, I enjoyed cleaning only 400 square feet. So it was kind of a nice little shift, but it was what we had dreamed up together and it was something that my husband couldn't have done or didn't want to do even three to five years ago. So life dreams and things like that can change as the world around you changes, right? Things can shift and happen. I have a thriving marriage with the same husband that I had a struggling marriage with. We did separate for quite some time, and that is, I do share that in my story, in my story. So I hope that you guys do read that. Let go of my past life.

lf. And while I still see so [:

I prioritize my family significantly. I still love the hustle, but I can't do it the same way that I did in the past. There are a lot more variables. I don't want to do it the same way I did in the past, and I am present every single day. That is absolutely huge for me. ] I do wanna share that you wanna find your people when you're doing this life and you are trying to balance it with your family.

into it, but when I hit that [:

You need to, right? You need to do this, you need to do that. And for me, I really had to do that internal work I really had to be true to myself be brave and unapologetic. Trust yourself against all odds. Our messages all tie in together, and I truly feel that this past year, almost a year with these amazing women has given my me permission to honor that.

Things look a little different right now, and that's okay. I just became a bestselling author in a year that so many changes have happened in a year. That so much was unpredictable and that there were so many unknowns and variables. I just did something that was on my bucket list that wouldn't have happened had I not connected.

en. I really hope that these [:

Awesome, awesome. Danielle. Thank you so much. And I have to say, like, you know, again, this is the, elevate 360. This is the, the 360 degree approach to business, right? All things life and business. And I love my coaching calls with you when you're like in the camper or like in the garage with the project going on, homesteading with the kids in the background.

Like, I love it, right? Like, I love that everyone's definition of like their dream life and being empowered and living all out is it is definitively like up to you what that looks like, right? and I just, I just love it. So thank you so much for sharing. and again, you guys, , I hope you're excited about reading these chapters.

So cool.

uge round of applause to our [:

Bring value to you today, and a huge congratulations to all of our authors for becoming bestselling authors. I just am just filled with just joy and gratitude that, you trusted the burnout to All Out leadership team. I, I heard a lot of accolades for me, but it's really not me. It's really the team that surrounds you, all these amazing humans that MCed today and help lead.

It takes a village to lift something like this up and off. And I just commend each and every one of you for the time, the energy, the heart and soul that you put into each of these individual chapters that is now a legacy that's out there for people to read indefinitely, to bring value to them, to inspire them.

much to the team Burnout to [:

If you loved hearing from the authors, come see us in Nashville. Just a last reminder, October 6th and seventh, it's gonna be an incredible event. Rate and review the book if you do, whether you download it for free or you purchase all, you know, the, the paperback. We really appreciate all your support with this. Go connect with all of our authors. Thank you again so much for your time guys have a wonderful week. Go out there and live all out.