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Future of Agriculture 054 Rural vs Urban Agricultural Education
24th May 2017 • Future of Agriculture • Tim Hammerich
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Joining us on today’s episode of Future of Agriculture Podcast are two educators who are making an impact in the agricultural industry by engaging the youth and influencing the future workforce of agriculture. Our first guest, Seth Heinert, is an Agricultural High School teacher in Ogallala, Nebraska who started a rural program two years ago. Beverly Flatt is a program manager who works with city schools called Academies of Nashville in Tennessee helps students discover the passion they would like to pursue after high school.

Seth and Beverly share two different programs and approaches as they cater to students from diverse backgrounds and regions. Seth shares some fascinating stories about his classroom experiences in western Nebraska and the reasons why he’s so passionate about pursuing rural education and instilling in his students a love for agriculture. Beverly identifies the agriculture programs they offer in urban education. She also mentions that for the urban students, their exposure to the amount of technology used in the agricultural sector play a significant role in generating interest in the students.


“I think agricultural education plays a huge role in getting kids engaged in their rural communities.”  – Seth Heinert

“Just giving students an experience and an opportunity to get involved in agriculture is often the only thing we need to do to sell them on making this an industry and a passion for life.” – Beverly Flatt


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Seth’s priorities in the program he started
  • The essence of having an advisory council and the responsibilities they carry out
  • The three components of Seth’s rural program
  • The primary classifications of the courses Seth teaches
  • What led Beverly to agriculture literacy
  • What the program Academies of Nashville is all about and the school levels and age group they cater to
  • The four agricultural programs in the urban program
  • Acquiring accurate information and getting rid of fake news is the biggest challenge on ag literacy
  • How Beverly and her team determine the courses to be offered in their program
  • How agriculture can improve the academic performance of students



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