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353 | Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Episode 35322nd October 2021 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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We are loving these live coaching sessions with Cayla and today’s episode is another session with a listener like you. Part of Cayla’s mission is to coach people forward and although we all have different and unique journeys, we can always find ourselves in everyone’s story. By listening with an open heart and mind, there is something inside this coaching session for you.

Today, Elyse joins the Mommy Millionaire show as a self-made workaholic. She works multiple jobs and is also building her own network marketing business. Listen to her discover why she is feeling numb, why she feels imposter syndrome is holding her back, and Cayla’s coaching tips on how to take the next steps towards financial freedom. Elyse is fully committed to her personal and professional growth and is ready to move forward with meditation tools, a newfound connection to her emotions, and a way to acknowledge the imposter syndrome as a friend instead of foe.

You will learn:

  • [3:17] - Welcome to the show, Elyse!
  • [4:00] - Elyse envisions her vision for herself 10 years from now.
  • [5:34] - Financial freedom is when your assets can pay for your expenses.
  • [6:27] - Elyse comes from a family of teachers and continues to work with no days off in multiple jobs.
  • [8:10] - When experiencing burnout, Elyse feels numb. Cayla explains that that is boredom in her jobs that are not challenging her.
  • [9:45] - Cayla and Elyse challenge some limiting beliefs she has.
  • [11:12] - Who is Elyse without what she does? Who is she at the core?
  • [13:01] - Without her knowledge, Elyse has learned to not shine too brightly.
  • [14:50] - Elyse discovers that she is disconnected from her emotions and doesn’t give herself time alone to deal with them.
  • [16:42] - Reflecting on Elyse’s spirituality and closeness to God, Cayla provides some verses to meditate on.
  • [18:16] - The world tells us we have to do so much but we need to rest and be still.
  • [19:33] - Cayla shares her social media rule: She does not get on unless she has content created to share.
  • [21:52] - Elyse admits she has Imposter Syndrome and Cayla acknowledges that it is actually a good thing.
  • [23:57] - What is confidence and how can we be grateful for Imposter Syndrome?
  • [25:40] - On Instagram, Stories are all about nourishing your audience.
  • [27:20] - It is better to rip off the bandaid and go all in with the business rather than building it more slowly.
  • [29:49] - Rather than getting out of her comfort zone, Cayla says to change her foundation and make a new comfort zone.

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