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Gaming, esports and fanthropology with Alexis Nedd
Episode 1119th October 2021 • Better Words • Michelle Gately & Caitlin Toohey
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Alexis Nedd is a Senior Entertainment Reporter at Mashable where she writes about TV, movies and video games with a sci-fi and fantasy focus. Her writing has appeared across numerous online publications. Today we are pleased to be chatting about her brilliant debut young adult novel, Don’t Hate the Player. 

Our interview starts at 13 minutes. 

Michelle recommends

The Appeal by Janice Hallett

Told entirely through correspondence, this novel is SO addictive and perfect if you’re looking for something to get lost in.

Caitlin recommends

The Babysitter’s Club (TV show)

This sweet and fun series retains all the charm of the iconic books. A delightful show to watch!

In this interview, we chat about: 

  • Why growing up in a house where video games weren’t allowed sparked Alexis’s love of gaming (and how this inspired Emilia’s secret life in the book)
  • The world of esports and why Alexis was excited to set a book in this world
  • The darker side of gaming, where women and girls are harassed and trolled
  • The dual-perspective of the novel and why Alexis wanted to include both perspectives (plus those of his teammates)
  • The advice Alexis gave to the students at her old high school
  • How Alexis got the chance to write the concept of Don’t Hate the Player and the changes she made to the original concept/outline as she was writing

Books and other things mentioned

  • The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Oseman
  • Explained (TV series) – episode 'esports'

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Don't Hate the Player is available now! 

Thank you to the team at Bloomsbury Australia for sending us copies of Don't Hate the Player in preparation for the interview.