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#237: Del Yeah Rewards: Del Taco's Key Component for Business Growth
Episode 23716th June 2022 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Del Taco is the world's second-largest Mexican fast-food restaurant chain, and its loyalty program is playing a vital role in its popularity and growth.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty, Erin Levzow joins us to share her industry-leading insights and ideas from their "Del Yeah!" program which has already won prestigious awards - including B2C app of the year and the Gold Award for Loyalty Strategy.

Learn how Del Taco has created such a compelling mobile app featuring Del Yeah! Rewards to truly attract and retain its customers.

This episode is sponsored by Cheetah Digital.

Show Notes:

  1. Del Taco
  2. Del Yeah! Rewards
  3. Erin Levzow

Time Stamps:

03:00 - Erin’s favorite Loyalty Program

10:15 - Del Taco's Context

11:22 - Del Taco’s Loyalty Program Concept

17:30 - Membership figures for Del Taco’s programs

18:34 - Pareto Principle perspectives

22:40 - Erin's knowledge gained while working in Las Vegas

31:03 - Replatforming Del Taco’s program

34:53 - Del Yeah Rewards' future priorities

40:15 - Del Yeah Rewards Perspective on Metaverse





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