78: Gratitude With Attitude
Episode 7825th November 2022 • Hot Young Designers Club | Interior Design Business Podcast • Hot Young Designers Club
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We all have experienced exhaustion as designers in the last few years. With that said, we are grateful for some things that have come out of the challenging time we all have faced. There is nothing like adversity to bring people together. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The improvements vendors have made in the last few years
  • Making choices based on the ease of ordering
  • Loving 3D walkthrough showrooms on vendor websites
  • The immersion of life and work
  • Grateful to have more deep connections in person
  • Why a room unphotographed, is a room failed
  • Setting terrible expectations for the clients
  • Problems in shipping
  • Going to Las Vegas for KBIS



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