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Restaurant Marketing That Works | An Interview with Matt Plapp
Episode 288th September 2021 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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Restaurant owners ask me about marketing all the time. Like I always tell them, I’m not a marketing guy, I’m a systems guy. For this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I brought the restaurant marketing guy on the podcast to talk all things restaurant marketing. My guest, Matt Plapp, runs a restaurant marketing business to help restaurants acquire customers and build relationships with those customers through marketing that has an ROI! He is also a speaker and author as well as a coach for other marketers and restaurant owners. I’ve spent a lot of time with Matt, and I think you’ll get a lot out of this conversation. Together we take a deep dive into his new book, Restaurant Marketing That Works, and how you can implement his system for attracting customers while maximizing your marketing dollars following his ABR system.

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