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Ep 135: How to Become Metabolically Flexible with Dr. Mike T Nelson
Episode 1354th September 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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I know you are putting in the work day in and day out in the gym to look and perform better. I’ve given out many of my nutrition tips on IG, and while those tips are helpful, to take your physique, health and performance to the next level you need an entire system for nutrition and recovery.

To help you out, I brought back to the podcast my buddy Dr. Mike T Nelson, the creator of the Flex Diet Certification, to break down his metabolic flexibility system… And the idea behind it is simple - how can you use fats to help with body composition and then use carbs to dominate in the gym? Well that’s what we break down for you today on the podcast. So, listen in to discover how to use metabolic flexibility to more efficiently build muscle and improve your performance.


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