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Bull Market Girlfriends
Episode 22014th October 2021 • Crypto Current • Richard Carthon
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Kristina (aka KrisK) is a painter, photographer, and now the digital artist behind the viral NFT Art Collection called Bull Market Girlfriends - a series of unique, hand drawn one-of-one female portraits created from generative color palettes that showcase her signature style of Continuous Line Drawing.

Kristina has lived in Russia, Barcelona and Montreal, but now lives as somewhat of a digital nomad - speaking 6 languages and moving freely across the globe with her husband and two dogs. Her husband - Martin - is a successful serial entrepreneur who committed to helping start Kristina’s art career after selling his last company. After they launched the collection, Martin took charge of community management and marketing for Bull Market Girlfriends. 

Stored permanently on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens, Bull Market Girlfriends will be comprised of 1500 Regular Girlfriends, 235 Collab/Charity Girlfriends, 200 Good Girls, 165 Gold Diggers, 150 Hippie GFs, 40 Special Event GFs, 33 Beauty Queens, 30 Minimalist GFs, 30 Maximalist GFs, 25 Robot GFs, 12 Zodiacs, 11 Auto Portraits, 10 Angelic GFs, 10 Devilish GFs, 10 (U)nique GFs, 8 Animalistic GFs, 5 Alien GFs, 1 Fractionalized GF, 1 Devil Goddess and 1 Angel Goddess.

Right now, Kristina and Martin are holding daily raffles for Regular Girlfriends in their Discord Community - mintable at 0.15 ETH - along with a few rare pieces to benefit their early community members while also building inventory for multiple art galleries around the world. Together they aim to be the first 1/1 NFT Art Collection to cross over into mainstream pop culture - with big ambitions of collaborating with charities, celebrities, models, musicians and brands. By the project’s end, together they plan to have released 2500 Girlfriends.

Official Collection on OpenSea:

BMGF Collab Collection on OpenSea:

Curated Community Artwork Collection on OpenSea:

Online VR Gallery:


KrisK on Twitter:

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