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Chapter 148. It's all kicking off in the Village Hall
Episode 1486th March 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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You may recall that we had the legendary Lucy Jordache on the podcast a while back, and she pointed out that TCD (case in point) has a tendency to be a little bit niche and at times a little bit clique-y.

Now we have tried to take her advice onboard, but I suspect Chapter 148 is definitely one for the hardened purple. "How so?" I hear you ask. Well let me give you a few examples..

  1. There is quite a bit of early-episode bants that revolves around the ongoing chat amongst the purple supporters.
  2. We refer extensively to a purple-only-prawn-cracker snap poll that took place last week.
  3. There is news of stealth-purple-only-merch available at PZ.

Elitist and clique-y possibly, but fear not non-purples, there is still plenty to keep you amused, including three diary entries, a new 'soldering-iron advice and support lesson with Stephen' and information on how to apply to work in a large fish tank.

Love'n'roulette wheels in the head


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