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Why Hanu? Dr. Jay Shares an Insider's Look at Developing a High-Tech Wearable.
Episode 3826th August 2022 • Hanu Health • Hanu Health, Inc.
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The very act of recording this podcast was...interesting. Four separate attempts, and an entire hour consumed before I could get the product I wanted to share with you.

Frustrating as it was due to factors I won't get into here, I realized it's very much like the process of developing our Hanu wearable, (which you can buy at a massive 40% discount when you use discount code POD40 at checkout.)

In this episode, I share the essential product development factors that the Hanu team and I have taken from Day 1. Bottom line is if your life isn't improved by using the product, all the data in the world won't do you a lick of good.

I'll just leave it at that. Enjoy this short "walk and talk" episode!

In this episode, you'll learn:

-The roadmap of developing an advanced tech product like the Hanu wearable...05:55

-Hanu is not an HRV company; HRV is the mechanism by which we measure the efficacy of the product...08:05

-Direction is the most valuable component of the Hanu mission (how to get from Point A to Point B)...11:30

-Data vs. outcomes in measuring the efficacy of the product, not to mention the quality of your life...13:20

-Changing psychology before changing physiology...16:40

-And more!

Resources mentioned:

Go to and use discount code POD40 for a fat 40% discount off the retail price. This offer is literally days away from being taken off the table, so if you're going to buy it, now's the time!