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Content Snare: End The Content Gathering Nightmare with James Rose WPCP: 156
13th July 2017 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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Content Snare is the product every web dev person has been waiting for. I know, I know, that's a big claim. But ask anyone who has ever done a website for a client... I don't care if it's an individual or an agency, getting content from clients is a pain in the arse! Projects can go on way longer than necessary and before you know it, you've got yourself into work debt (basically you start feeling like you're working for free because the project just keeps going on and on and on...). With Content Snare it doesn't have to. I had the good fortune of connecting with James Rose, one of the founders of Content Snare a while back for the podcast and am SO glad I did! Not just because they're solving a huge problem in this space but because he's a great guy. There are some amazing things happening in the WordPress space that makes it so much easier for freelancers or agencies to work more efficiently (and be more profitable). I'm really excited to share Content Snare with you guys. Questions I Asked James Before we get into Content Snare, can you share a little bit about your business and what you've been doing before launching Content Snare? I'm a huge fan of content and the power of good content marketing. Why do you think clients struggle so much with content? I'm sure there are a ton of reasons you guys created Content Snare but was there a moment or something that happened that made you guys say "we need to create a solution to this problem?" Tell us about the journey to Content Snare. How did you decide which features to include? Have there been any requests that you guys hadn't thought of? What are the plans for Content Snare this year? Your company overall? What You're Going to Learn How they came up with the idea for Content Snare How having conversations with designers gave them the validation they needed to start What they did to double their email list in only 3 days when promoting Content Snare What features will be included in the MVP (version 0) Who Content Snare was built for (but I see so many possibilities with it) What future features they'd like to include Where to Connect with James & Content Snare Website | Facebook | Twitter  



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