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How I Accidentally Survived Terminal Cancer with Dr. Nasha Winters
Episode 327th September 2021 • The Natural Evolution • Michael Roesslein
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Dr. Nasha Winters had lived in discomfort, illness, and pain for so long that she didn’t even realize something was really wrong.  In the Sophomore year of her Pre-Med study, she was diagnosed with end stage, stage 4 ovarian cancer, and standard treatments weren’t an option.  It was in that moment that she decided she wanted to survive and really live.  That anger and curiosity pushed her to research what was going on within herself.  As a result of her accidental circumstances and her curiosity, she has lived for an extra 30 years past her “expiration date.” 

Healing is not linear and there are times when it feels like everything’s going sideways.  Dr. Winters lives with her cancer now, using it as an internal compass, teacher, and messenger that lets her know she’s not taking care of herself.  She inhabits a living, learning laboratory.  She doesn’t treat cancer, she treats people who happen to have cancer.  She helps navigate the terrain and circumstances that lead to “cancering,” in order to help people maintain the disease process and live much longer lives and hopefully die of something unrelated to cancer.

Listen for Dr. Winters’ whole story and some perspective-shifting revelations that she shares with us today.

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