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BONUS EPISODE: Meet Your Guide In Ghana: Nii Tetteh Barnor
Episode 7727th May 2023 • Transcend the Podcast • Asha Wilkerson, Esq.
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The Blueprint Ghana experience is carefully designed to reconnect you with your African roots and what home means for members of the African diaspora. Nii Tetteh Barnor will be our guide through this experience and in today's episode he talks about his perspective, as a Ghanaian, on why we need to come home.

In this episode, we go into:

  • How long has Tetteh been working with American travelers in Ghana?
  • Why Tetteh thinks it's important for people of the diaspora to "come home?"
  • Do Ghanaians actually want us to come home?
  • What are diasporans missing about our history and culture?
  • How can we help each other to get free?
  • Why the Blueprint experience will be different than any other trip you've ever been on.

Join us on the Blueprint Ghana experience this August. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS JUNE 1, 2023.



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