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Ep. 179: Diana George – Putting the Human back in Human Resources
Episode 17913th February 2019 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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What’s your perception of the HR department at your job? For most of us, we don’t think of HR as a place we want to go or the people we trust and want to build relationships with. My guest today seeks to change that as she shows us the human side of Human Resources.

Diana George is the founder and president of By George HR Solutions. She has worked with global companies with an international presence, such as Bose and the luxury watch brand, Omega. With her leadership, she was able to put together winning teams that contributed positively to their organizations. Diana maintains that integrity is the most vital and strongest trait of any organization. With over three decades of experience in a career that has encompassed leadership in retail, non-profit, health and wellness, and the private sector, Diana works with companies to realize and strengthen the resources they have in their employees. 

How HR can help

Do you think of the HR department when you need help with something at work? HR can bring people together when it’s done effectively. The real job of HR is to find solutions that fit both employee AND employer---with fairness and justice. Human Resources done right is about taking the side of what’s right and should be done, and NOT taking sides. HR starts in the very beginning of the interview and hiring process and touches all aspects of an employee’s life cycle. “The exciting part of HR is getting to know people.” 

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Solving problems--at work and home

Can HR help you solve problems? HR is not supposed to have all the answers, but to give employees the tools to solve problems for themselves. People will be the same person at home and work, AND they will manifest the same problems in both places. If HR can help you solve a problem at work, then it will be solved in your personal life as well. A growing trend that successful companies are paying attention to is offering resources to help employees be well-adjusted and thriving in ALL areas of life, because “happy employees make productive employees.”

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Interview go-to questions

Would you know the right questions to ask in an interview? Diana has had vast experience in this area, and she has two things she asks everyone in an interview to answer: “Tell me about an achievement you are really proud of,” and “If I were to ask your previous supervisor about an area of improvement for you, what would they say?” The answers to these will help an employer know how they can help that person best, and whether they will be a good fit. Employers aren’t looking for perfection, but they want those who can communicate and ask for help when they need it---not those who know everything already.

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “Write down your dreams. Putting things in writing makes them more real and puts a plan in place to reach those dreams.”


  • [:50] Diana’s background in HR
  • [1:54] How HR can help the employee
  • [3:13] The biggest misconception about HR
  • [4:39] The path to HR for Diana
  • [7:18] How to help an employee who comes to HR
  • [10:21] Resources to help people
  • [13:26] How people change their perception of their company
  • [14:36] How remote employees perform
  • [17:35] The recommended approach to an interview
  • [22:16] The key to a cultural fit for an employee
  • [23:49] Why people won’t pursue their dreams
  • [25:17] How people learn to chase dreams because of job experience
  • [26:41] How Diana followed her heart and passion
  • [28:01] Why we value the wrong kind of money
  • [29:12] The common mistake employers make
  • [31:12] The common mistake employees make
  • [32:59] ONE action for a dream chaser


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