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Watch this Movie Mike! Podcast - The Life & Death of Colonel Blimp (1943)
12th July 2022 • No More Room in Hell Movie Podcast • Dark Discussions News Network
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Welcome to the debut episode of Watch this movie, Mike! The No More Room in Hell podcast umbrella has once again added another show.

What to expect: Mike (from No More Room In Hell & Fresh Cuts) will be going 1 on 1 with a different guest each episode in a part interview/part movie discussion extravaganza where I will spend a little time getting to know our guest, possible talk about how far back I go/know with the person (if at all), find out what they are doing in the podcast/blog/vlog etc etc world at the present time. Following that we will discuss a movie picked by our guest.

For the debut episode I bring on a fellow I have known & collaborated with just about the entire time I've been podcasting myself, Doug Tilley. Doug's movie pick was The Life & Death of Colonel Blimp. As is the case a lot of the times, this was a first time watch for me! Watching the moving before listening to the show is advised, but never required. I hope you enjoy!