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Episode 51: Crushing Insecurities and Trusting in The Word of God To Find Your Voice With Connor Mead
21st September 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Insecurities breed inadequacy.

Inadequacy breeds insecurity.

It's a vicious cycle, isn't it?

Just about every single one of us has some kind of insecurity that creeps up and tries to hold us back from accomplishing our goals. But the truth is, if you don't feel adequate because you're insecure, you can't have confidence to go forward toward something that might be a little scary.

It stops you cold and you end up walking away from opportunities. Has this happened to you?

It's generally known that public speaking is the number one fear of people in America. That's what makes this the perfect topic for today's guest, who has overcome his own insecurities countless times to get where he is today.

Connor Mead is a young 24 year old man of honor, faithfulness, discipline and servant-heartedness. In addition to being a public speaker and a coach for King's Council, Connor is a pastor at Awaken Church in San Diego. Connor speaks with us today about the many challenges he faced with public speaking and how he has now beat that fear through God's word.

In this conversation, you'll hear...

-Where to find the root to our insecurities and fears...03:45

-How divorce helped Connor become the responsible man he is today...06:50

  • Romans 8:28

-The fear that propelled Connor into public speaking...10:30

  • "God places the best things in life on the other side of fear"

-How Connor transformed from a silent team captain to a fearless heart-spoken 24 year old...13:20

-What the enemy tried to steal in Connor's life...17:00

-What happened at church camp that changed Connor's life forever...19:45

-The power of mentorship in building confidence...28:25

-Connor's advise for young people who feel undervalued...32:50

-Something most people don't know about Connor...35:35

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