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January 2020

Let’s Talk About with Millie Bresnahan Mall Manger

Shopping Then and Now – Five ways retail has changed and how businesses can adapt

Constant connectivity in this changing world both online and offline shopping brings exciting new possibilities for forward-thinking retailers. Combining classic retail with digital savvy can help retailers serve their customers better.

1. Shoppers know as much as salespeople:

THEN: People came into the stores with little to no knowledge and relied on a salesperson to advise them on what to buy.

NOW: Today’s shoppers have become accustomed to doing their own research to get maximum value out of every dollar they spend.

2. Retailers can deliver personal, relevant suggestions at sale:

THEN: Shopkeepers would welcome in people from the neighborhood and then come to learn their customers’ needs and preferences.

NOW: In our constant connected world, a device is just proxy for what really matters – getting to know your customers’ needs and preferences. Look at your online analytics and have that conversation with each customer – this will create improved customer service and can quickly turn into a sale.

3. Mobile devices drive foot traffic to stores:

THEN: Finding the right store – and the product you needed – depended on familiarity or chance.

NOW: As the lines blur between online and offline, innovative retailers are integrating mobile into their store experience. When shoppers search for a store name or category, they expect to see a map with direction, a phone number that they can click to call, or special offers that match their location and time of day.

4. Opinions carry more weight than ever:

THEN: Retail therapy was an activity shared by friends and family – and word of mouth was a social force that transformed new products into must-haves and small shops into retail empires.

NOW: This is truer than ever. With YouTube and social networks like Facebook and Google, people are now sharing their opinion on products and experiences not just with a group of friends, but with millions of people. Smart retailers are recognizing the opportunities that lie in digital as they can speak directly with the community and fans.

5. Products can jump off the screen:

THEN: The internet was fine for researching, but there was no replacement for holding, feeling, inspecting a physical product on a store shelf.

NOW: Interactive video, 360 views, are just a few of the options bringing products alive on the customers screen. When retailers showcase products online in a unique way, they create opportunities for customers to interact with products and services on an emotional level.

As digital weaves itself deeper into the fabric of our lives, smart retailers understand making the most of new opportunities. It’s about human nature.

Many of our store owners have already embraced the digital changes but we have more to learn and experience.

Article from Google : Sridhar Ramaswamy

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