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The Swypit Show - Episode 12 (Don't You Want to be in the Swypit Inner Circle?)
Episode 1217th May 2022 • The Swypit Show • Kevin Hodes
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On the latest installment of The Swypit Show, we're exploring the wide-variety of benefits associated with being part of our inner circle!

Aside from providing a top-tier service as a truly professional credit card processing service, Swypit has a vast network of employees and clients. Each of them come from a different industry and allow our inner circle to be filled with talent from all walks of life.

When becoming a Swypit client and joining our inner circle, our network becomes your network! So enjoy today's episode and discover all the contacts you can gain access to when joining our inner circle.


0:06 - Introduction and the topic of the day

2:30 - What is the Swypit inner circle?

4:45 - We strive to make sure are clients are always taken care of

7:15 - Are other credit card processors surrounding themselves with an elite inner circle?

10:30 - An example of how Swypit fights for their clients to make them more profitable overall

13:00 - Listing clients within the Swypit inner circle

14:38 - Utilize our network of clients and further leverage this for your business

17:30 - Additional clients that you have access to within the Swypit inner circle

22:15 - We have a full point of sale available for our clients

24:00 - Closing remarks

Clients Mentioned Throughout Today's Show:

Andy Bush, ACE Handyman Services, Collin County:

Sean Crawford, Dallas North Aquarium:

Ernest & Cecily Morgan, Owner Earnest B’s BBQ & Catering Co:

Tony Felker, President/CEO – Frisco Chamber of Commerce:

Ted Holiday, President/CEO of Glass Guru of Frisco and Sherman:

Tanya Tomlin, Owner Sorted Out Professional Organizing Services:

D’Andra Simmons with Hard night, Good Morning Skincare and Ultimate Living Nutrition Products:

Don Jacobs – QwikWash America:

Connect with Kevin Hodes: