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Climate change and sustainable food systems | Sébastien Treyer
Episode 59th May 2023 • Climate change: Behind the numbers • PARIS21
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The impacts of climate change are threatening the global food system, particularly rural farming communities who depend on agriculture to support their local economies. Droughts, heat waves, and altered precipitation patterns are affecting agricultural yields and increasing the risk of food insecurity. Unsustainable farming practices can exacerbate these climate impacts and decrease the productivity of agricultural land. On the contrary, nature-based solutions and adaptive agricultural practices can support food production and those whose lives depend on it.  

 Sébastien Treyer, Head of IDDRI and president of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the French Faculty for Global Environment (FFEM), and Lead Faculty Member of the Earth System Governance Network will explore:

  • How can data help us understand the threats of climate change to the global food system? 
  • How can smallholder farmers promote ecological resilience (financial opportunities, agricultural practices, etc.)?  
  • How to unpack the costs of inaction and what do these mean in practice? How will costs affect individual daily lives?  




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