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100-Rated Oil Stock’s Size Helps It Fight Bear Market Trends
Episode 17614th October 2022 • The Stock Power Podcast • Money & Markets
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You know the old saying: Bigger isn't always better.

That's the case in many areas.

And it might be most true in the stock market.

In today's episode of The Stock Power Podcast, I share a small 100-rated Power Stock that produces oil and gas in the U.S.

And it's set to profit due to its size.

One of the factors we use to rank stocks in our Stock Power Ratings system is size.

The rationale is that small-cap stocks tend to grow faster than larger ones.

Small-cap stocks offer higher growth potential but come with more risk.

It's simple: Higher risk means higher reward.

But that’s where the other factors of Stock Power Ratings come in. It helps us identify smaller stocks with solid fundamentals — and that translates to less risk.

This week's Power Stock is a small ($257 million market cap) oil and gas company in the U.S. 

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