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Identifying What Makes You Significant
Episode 1718th June 2024 • Make Business Personal • Kiley Peters
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In this episode of Make Business Personal, Kiley Peters, founder of RAYNE IX, talks about the first step in defining success for ourselves: discovering our significance. She explores the big questions of why we exist and who we are meant to serve. Kiley emphasizes the importance of aligning our work with our personal significance and shares her own journey of discovering her purpose. 

  • Discovering Your Significance 1:11
  • Aligning Work with Personal Significance 6:06
  • Recommended Resources 12:52


  • “The big questions we wanna talk about when we're talking about discovering your significance are, why do you exist? Why are you here? Who are you meant to serve? Some people might talk about this as a personal purpose. So what's your personal purpose? And really that's the same thing. That's what we're talking about in terms of what makes you significant.” 1:14
  • “I worked with a coach for years to try to really dig into the depths of who I am as a human being to get to this point. My personal significance, like what makes me significant, my personal purpose, is that I am here to create opportunities for and elevate women, period. That's it. Like everything I do is in service of that.” 6:15
  • “Am I actually living in alignment with my personal significance or my personal purpose? And if the answer is no, then you have very tangible ways that you can change your behaviors and change what you're saying so that it feels more whole for you.” 3:11

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