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Making it Happen in Manufacturing: A Conversation with Aneesa Muthana
Episode 120127th November 2023 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Modern manufacturing is no longer limited to the dark, dirty, and dangerous jobs of the past, especially with progressive, forward-thinking leaders bringing their organizations into the future.

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, sponsored by Microsoft, hosts Scott Luton and Kevin L. Jackson engage in an insightful conversation with Aneesa Muthana, the CEO and co-owner of Pioneer Service and M&M Quality Grinding. Aneesa shares her journey starting from her upbringing on her parents' manufacturing shop floor to becoming an award-winning figure in the industry. The discussion delves into various aspects of manufacturing, including the importance of promoting the industry to the younger generation, the evolution of manufacturing roles, and the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in driving innovation and widening the candidate pool.

Listen in as Aneesa highlights: 

  • The role of digital transformation in the industry, emphasizing the importance of human involvement alongside technology
  • Workforce challenges like AI's impact on jobs, and the necessity of empowering and training the workforce in the era of Industry 4.0
  • The importance of strong core values such as integrity and stewardship in building a strong organizational culture

Join us for this episode that encapsulates inspiring stories, practical insights, and actionable advice from Aneesa Muthana, offering a comprehensive view of the current landscape and future prospects within the manufacturing sector.

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