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374 | Using Live Interviews to Grow Your Business
Episode 37412th January 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Live interviews can boost any kind of business. Whether you’re a blogger, podcast host, or entrepreneur, live interviews are not only impactful but are so much fun as well. Cayla shares in this episode how she has developed her interviewing skill and how it has helped all areas of her business from the start. 

Interviews are impactful as your audience can make connections with the ones they’re listening to. In some situations, your interviewee is someone who has been impacted by your product or service. Let your audience see themselves in your guest’s story and give them the value they are craving with these interview tips.

You will learn:

  • [1:50] - Live interviews can boost any kind of business because women want to hear the story.
  • [4:01] - Details about people make things interesting to your audience.
  • [5:00] - Live interviews help you find the relatability in someone else. Cayla shares a story about a lesson she learned.
  • [6:44] - You need to know the reason behind the interview.
  • [7:57] - Do your research and find out all the juicy nuggets to bring out in an interview.
  • [9:24] - Cayla uses a client’s experience to demonstrate the power of a live interview.
  • [10:33] - As an interviewer, you want to come from a place of genuine curiosity.
  • [11:22] - Always try to ask for tips from your interviewee.
  • [13:20] - Plan your interviews ahead of time and market them early.

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