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How to pitch yourself as a podcast guest
Episode 4921st January 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Being featured on a podcast is a way to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential clients in an intimate way.

Because they’re listening to you, it helps you build a connection far quicker than they might experience from a social media post.

You also have the benefit of being seen as a trusted source of information from the person who hosts the podcast.

You’re able to reach their audience, which could potentially mean connecting with tens of thousands of people who had never heard of you before.

And if they like what they hear, they could become customers of yours in the future too.

In this episode you’ll learn the best way to go about pitching yourself as a podcast guest.

Key timings in this episode:

0.20 - Where the idea for the podcast pitching guide came from.

2.00 - Working out what kind of podcast to pitch to.

2.20 - Examples of business related podcasts

3.18 - Examples of local podcasts

4.25 - Examples of pet owner podcasts

6.47 - Examples of influencer podcasts

8.52 - Steps to follow before approaching a podcast - listen to it! 

10.02 - Building relationships with the host on social media

10.16 - Leaving a review and how it can make you memorable

11.01 - Make sure you can demonstrate your expert status

14.46 - Why you must think of what's in it for the listener and not you!

17.28 - Writing your pitch to the podcast

18.50 - Remember when you’re pitching they are helping you and you will need to schmooze them!

20.13 - How to write your pitch (You can download the template here)

22.19 - Including previous interviews and blogs in your pitch

23.32 - Preparing your bio and images

24.13 - Sharing the living daylights out of the interview

24.41 - Shanking the person and leaving a review

26.05 - Come and join me in my free Facebook group to stay in touch

Links mentioned in this episode:

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Anna Webb podcast: A Dog's Life

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