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All Things Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) with Seegrid's Jeff Christensen
Episode 501st June 2021 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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Is the world of automation and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) something to fear or celebrate?

People worry about robots taking jobs, but according to this Manufacturing Happy Hour guest, robots are here to save the day.

Jeff Christensen, VP of Product at Seegrid, joins this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour to talk about his work with AMR, automation, and problem-solving technology in the manufacturing space. He challenges the idea that automation and robots are something to be worried about and prefers to think of them as more complementary to human workers.

Jeff also explains how technological advancement raises the bar for society and why people shouldn’t be so averse to adopting new technology and AMR into their production lines.

In this episode, find out:

  • Why robotics is so important in modern manufacturing
  • How Jeff made a jump from a background in music and economics into the world of AMR
  • What autonomous mobile robots are and why they’re useful
  • How humans and robots are good at different things
  • How the manufacturing industry has adapted to automation and new technology
  • Why some in the industry are hesitant to adapt to automation and AMR

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Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Robots are cool. But they're being applied to a real business problem. They're delivering real value. At exactly the time that the market desperately needs a new answer.”
  • “The faster you move, the more advantage you're going to have over your competition in the future.”
  • “The industry is facing all sorts of pressures, economic pressures, demand pressures. They've got to go faster, better, cheaper, all at the same time. And they just can't do with the old ways. And robots happened to be here to save the day.”

Links & mentions:

  • Seegrid, a smart solution combing autonomous mobile robots, enterprise software, warehouse equipment, and more.
  • Sharp Edge, a Pittsburgh bar and brewery specializing in Belgian beer.

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