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#125: B2B SaaS Demand Generation: Q&A | George Coudounaris hosted by
Episode 2726th February 2024 • The B2B Playbook • Kevin Chen & George Coudounaris
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How can B2B SaaS companies drive long term revenue with Demand Generation? What gaps do most have in their strategy? How can they execute this strategy with so few resources?

This week George Coudounaris sits down with to share The B2B Playbook's Demand Generation Framework - The 5 BEs Framework.

He also answers questions from the audience on practically applying this framework, as well as any tips in executing it.

Tune in and learn:

+ the 5 BEs Framework for demand generation

+ how to build a content engine that delivers revenue and is highly resource efficient

+ how to start implementing this framework in your business

This episode is a must-watch for B2B SaaS marketers who want a solid strategy to follow that's guaranteed to drive long term pipeline.


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00:30 George's Introduction & B2B Playbook Overview

03:00 Fundamentals of Demand Generation

06:00 Learning from Performance Marketing

09:00 The 5 BEs Framework Explained

12:00 Be Ready: Understanding Your Audience

15:00 Be Helpful: Creating Valuable Content

18:00 Be Seen: Amplifying Your Message

21:00 Be Better: Optimizing Your Approach

24:00 Be the Best: Advanced Tactics

27:00 Generating Demand for B2B Incubator

30:00 Effective Content Marketing Strategies

36:00 Enhancing LinkedIn Ads for Demand Gen

39:00 Conclusion & Final Thoughts


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S05 E125 - The B2B Playbook

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