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Revelation -- 21
Episode 214th March 2021 • The Book of Revelation • Michael Joseph Mouawad
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The Book of Revelation #21

The Seventh Seal is about silence. St. John tells us that when the Lord opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about 1/2 hour.

In this lecture, we wrap up our study of the seventh seal by clarifying the meaning of this silence. To do so we look at Psalm 76, Wisdom 8, Jeremiah 23, Isaiah 41 and 42, Lamentations 3, and Ezekiel 16, amongst many texts to understand the meaning of silence in Scripture and see how it applies here at the closure of the seals and the opening of the trumpets.


  • What is the purpose of silence in your own life? Do you love silence?
  • How does silence affect me when I act contrary to the law of God?
  • Should we always sing during the Liturgy or should we have silent moments?