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Leon Conrad | How to become a masterful storyteller
Episode 14213th May 2022 • Podfluence • John Ball
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There are few things in this world that will make you as charismatic and captivating as having the ability to tell great stories. Whether that's stories from the imagination or stories of experience, being able to master great storytelling is an enviable gift.

Personally, one of my favourite storytellers is the well-known raconteur Fran Lebowitz. If you haven't watched her Netflix documentary 'Pretend it's a city', please do yourself a favour and check it out but maybe not before you check out this conversation with my very esteemed guest and storytelling academic Leon Conrad who gives us a real masterclass in understanding stories and how we can best utilise it. He's here to give us some insights into his new book The Unknown Storyteller and I feel certain you're gonna love it. (The book is not yet available but certainly will be one to keep an eye out for.)

I'll be honest, I felt like I might be a little out of my depth intellectually on this one, since I am not an academic and I really do not have much expertise in this area, however, after listening back to the recording, I think I did better than I gave myself credit for but much like the time I interviewed professor Donald Robertson regarding the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius' experience with rhetoric and stoicism, it was an opportunity for a masterclass from someone who truly knows their stuff and is able to make it understandable and interesting for those of us not in academia.

In this episode:

  • How many types of story are there?
  • What makes the story of Cinderella?
  • Why we're wired for stories.
  • How to be a better storyteller.
  • Traditions of storytelling.
  • How to become more charismatic with stories and more...

You can find out more about Leon on his website and Leon invites you to connect with him on social media.

Pretty soon, Speaking Influence is going to become Podfluence as we focus the show more on building professional influence and developing leadership charisma through podcasts. I hope you will stay with us through this transition and maybe even find yourself getting more professional leverage and following through podcasts.

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