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Episode 322nd March 2022 • The Free Ranger • Myles McDonough
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Welcome to The Free Ranger, a podcast about telling the stories that matter. On this podcast, we’ll be learning about storytelling from the people who turn important issues into stories: the writers, filmmakers, marketers, and other professionals who weave together the facts to create compelling narratives that make a difference.

In this, our inaugural season, we’ll be looking at Stories of Stewardship–how people create powerful stories about our planet and its natural resources. Today’s episode focuses on telling the story of our soil.

Today, we’re happy to welcome Ryland Engelhart, co-founder and executive director of Kiss the Ground, an an education and advocacy nonprofit teaching people about the possibilities of regenerative agriculture. He is the producer of a documentary film of the same name, which explores how responsible use of our soil could reverse the rise in global temperatures, improve our health, and bring us back into a balanced relationship with the land we live on. We spoke with Ryland about why the story of regenerative agriculture has received relatively little attention, the challenges of telling a story through film, and the future of the Kiss the Ground story…


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Kiss the Ground Website

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Find Ryland Engelhart on Twitter @lovebeingryland


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