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Linda Alvarez's Journey with Levelle and Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition for Women
7th September 2023 • The Female Millionaire • Fuel to Fire
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Guest Introduction:

  • Introduction of Linda Alvarez, founder of Levelle Nutrition. In this episode, she talks about empowering female athletes and how their products were made just for women. Her sports food company was born from having a zone of genius, passion, and core values. Thus, creating a strong enterprise.

Entrepreneurship Journey with Linda Alvarez:

  • Linda shares the inspiration behind starting Levelle Nutrition and how they identified the need for sports nutrition products specifically designed for women. Emphasized that Levelle aims to address the challenges that female athletes face by listening to their needs and creating products just for them.
  • In February 2021, the company was established, without any product released yet. In April 2023, Levelle Nutrition launched products tailored specifically for female athletes.

Setting Goals and how Levelle overcome Challenges:

  • Linda talks about the importance of setting goals for the company's growth. Levelle’s goal right now is to market its product suitable for everyone, not just for athletes.
  • Linda highlighted that challenges are part of growing. In their experience in the process of building their business, the struggle they had with the manufacturers. Levelle Nutrition is a New York State Commercialization Competition winner and the prize won was used to create their own manufacturing.

Collaboration and Mentorship:

  • Linda discussed the value of partnerships and collaborations with other businesses. She stressed that having a different personality from her co-founder, Stephanie, is a great thing thus, having a successful team.
  • The importance of having mentors and advisors who can provide guidance and support. Mentioned the significance of a strong network of female founders who understand the challenges and are willing to help each other succeed.


  • Linda Alvarez shared how she found inspiration in Julia Child’s career as a female chef, breaking barriers on television. Just like how Julia paved her way to the top, Linda also wanted to have the same attitude while building her empire, creating sports foods products for women.

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