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36. The Depression Episode, Warning Signs, Managing Emotions & Supporting your People w/Annabelle DeSisto & Dr. Daryl Appleton
Episode 3614th April 2020 • Big Kid Problems • NOVA Media
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Shits getting real this week as we dive into the super fun, super lighthearted topic of Depression! First up, I have a very candid convo with hilarious comedy writer and host of The Adderall and Compliments Podcast, Annabelle Desisto. We talk about dealing with depression on a day to day basis, meds, Lisa Frank, childhood trauma and when edibles go wrong. THEN Psychotherapist Dr. Daryl Appleton joins the show (54:45) to teach us about the different types of depression and how to deal. She gives us a ton of tips and resources on how to gain control when you feel like you’re losing control of your emotions, how to cope in isolation, AND how to check in on our friends and family who may also be struggling.


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Annabelle DeSisto

Dr. Daryl Appleton


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