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Coaching the Mental Game of Softball - Mental Sweet Spot 28th April 2020
A Team That Feels Like Family | Megan Bartlett [INT]
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A Team That Feels Like Family | Megan Bartlett [INT]


If there's one thing we know about kids these days...

It's that they need to know you care about them!

You've heard this before about this generation, right? They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care? Creating a team culture that feels like family isn't just about love and hugs though. It's about

» Setting a high standard,

» Holding them accountable, and then

» Having their back if they need support

That's just part of what we discuss on today's episode with Coach Megan Bartlett!


Want to create your own blueprint for a culture like this?

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That's all for this today! Hope so see you back here next week!

Alicia & Mel