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Episode 59th September 2020 • Saga Kraft • Betsy Bergstrom, Gabriela Sarna, Sea Gabriel: Saga Kraft
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Welcome to Saga Kraft. Myths, fairytales, legends stories, comfort us, inspire us, and heal us. Please join us as we share stories both old and new. More than anything, we're open to the story and it's unfolding. At times, it may be one story told by one person, at times, it's the same story told through three different voices.

In the end, we go where the story takes us. And we invite you to follow. I'm Sea a writer, artist, and storyteller.

I'm Betsy, a medium and teacher of mystery traditions.

I'm Gabriella, an artist and practitioner of folk magic.

We are magical fairy godmothers in training.

Our story today is about creation. I chose the story of creation as told by my people of Slavic lands.

I chose a version that resonated with me. There are a few versions of the story with various gods stepping into a present order and heavenly power. The dark God remains the same. He is called Weles, and later the devil, one who rules over the earth and the underworld. Well, the story has changed throughout time.

It's most current form, as told by old village folk, involves God and the devil creating the world together. But for now I'll remember the story from a pre Christian perspective. At the beginning, there was the earth, the mother, who was founded by great waters from all directions above and below. Eventually a sky appeared and clouds, rod, the ancestral tribal God, and the Zoryas, or the fates.

This God also appeared as the God of the sky and thunder. As the Spotify, God of the sun and fire known as the Smith of the gods. One day got a thunder and order was sailing in a sky boat across the great waters and through his staff down deep, where it hit the bottom and turned into a great out the tree of life.

He took refuge at the great tree rested there for awhile and contemplated. He noticed his loneliness read the little that there were no people to keep him company. Can you, he needed earth for the people to live on and saw that deep under the water was the sand of creation. Puritan looked at his reflection and saw a vision of himself, or maybe not of himself, but another nevertheless, he asked this other to come out of the water and take four.

This was vellus. One of the great depths piano knew that he needed his help to create the world. Velez was the only one who could dive deep to retrieve pieces of this precious sand from the bottom. The sound was very deep beneath, and even with Velez has great knowledge of the dark waters. He couldn't retrieve anything for the first two tries before the third attempt peeled and then Vela spoke the appropriate magical formula.

And finally, Velez came back with a fist full of sand peeled on through the sand, onto the water and created a small patch of land. Barely big enough for him and the Vela to sleep on and rest for the night when peeled and fell asleep, Velez tried to push him into the water. He pushed him East and West than South and North.

But during this act, Peloton just made the land extend into the shape of a cross and created the four sacred directions. Disappointed Velez kept on doing other things yeah. To disrupt the creation process, but an effect more earth formed by his actions. From the sand Velez, hidden his mouth mountains grew in bogs and fields to bake for his mouth to contain.

He had to spit them out. The earth kept growing and growing and peeled and didn't know how to stop it. He began to worry that it would grow over the sky and the water too. Piano and sent a beat to spy on Velez for, he knew that the secrets of containment remained with Velez said, be heard Velez, say that in order to maintain the expansion and Mark of the cross must be made by a wand at the edges or the earth stop pillar in the jail.

Does the be reported angry? Vellus curse the B for spying on a secrets. He said, may he, who sent you to steal my secrets before? So eat your own excrement. Hearing this code and blessed to be with creating honey out of the mud Velez created a Wolf, but people don't gave the Wolf breath and therefore brought him to life from straw and mud.

Fellas created people and to piano and gave them breaths and life. This is why when people die, those go into the sky to POM, but their body and power are absorbed by the depths of the underworld and fellas. Many other creatures came to life by and vellus is active collaboration. When the earth was full, the two gods grew restless and realized that they cannot both rule the world.

They created PO and returns to his heavenly abode, but vellus tries to hide and remain on the earth. He hides in rocks, animals, trees that piled on. Seeing him there strikes down at him with his thunder bolt to make him depart and leave people alone. No matter where Velez would hide protons, Thunderbolt would find him destroy his hiding place and defeat him the only place which was impenetrable by Pelton's lightening bolt was water there.

Velez could hide safely and killed an agreed that this was a fine domain for vellus this watery domain and the roots of the world tree. Velez sits on a golden throne. This world is called Navi and it's a place where the dead go. When we're snakes and birds travel for the winter. Also, it's a place where the sun goes to rest.

After a long days of work, piano was able to ascend to the highest seventh heaven. There he resides in a palace made of most precious and shiny stones stars once in a while when fellas come. Um, so the earth pillow in lights up the sky with a sundae bolt, and then back down again, when there's drought on earth crops grow, people plead with and to create thunder and bring the rain.

They also send out homestead snakes into the field for the messengers of VALIS to ask him not to hoard the water. The forest and fields are believed a secret places where vellus might still appear to help protect people's livestock from wild animals. And to bless the abundance of their crops, Peotone is asked to bring thunder and rain to make the crops grow.

Wild Velez is known to control the underground water currents in collaboration. The two gods continue to create life for people on earth. The middle world. Next for reading. Yes, that was lovely. Thank you. So I have to say, I guess that the thing that stood out for me the most is the idea that life was created through friction when he's alone and everything's going easily, nothing's really going, you know what I mean?

That there's something about. He is turning into complacency, which actually become stagnancy. It's that duality that I have to say, I fight against all the time. I'm like I hate dichotomy. And I think the way it divides us and simultaneously it's the interaction that's creating all the beauty. That's what I thought.

That was lovely. I agree. I love that too. I thought it was a lovely, I love the creation story and I was. Oh, almost suspecting that it was moving into the direction of kind of like a succession, like there's one God, and then there's another God. And so that dynamic tension that ended up between them was really fascinating to me.

I liked it too, that it, that Glen, the magic spell that was collaborative. Um, that was part of creation also. Why do you find this to be such a, a wonderful story for you? For many reasons? Um, the most important one would probably have to be the order in chaos together, creating life and sustaining life.

Those two opposing forces, the light and the dark. Not B, B, B at a time before they were branded as good and evil as one taking over the other. When they are equal forces. That's beautiful. To me, that's powerful to me. That's liberating to me. And also the story still exists in how people say it and how Slavic people tell it.

They, they tell it now as God and the devil. But that relationship is the same. So even though new gods or have taken over that right power structure, their collaboration is still exists. So the fact that there's a story that exists about good and evil working together also makes me happy. And the magic that there is a formula in it that some, some relations of the story, the formula goes something like this it's, you know, by your power and my by God's power and your power.

So it's calling the two names of God, but even that was not the right formula. So ultimately we don't know what the right formula is, which I find very intriguing. Is that somehow, even in this story, this is kept from people that there is this piece of, you know, we're, we're told the story, but there is that one little piece that's left out because it's not for our ears to hear.

I don't know. And I, and I just love how to this day that the God of the underworld, the dark gods still helps people. I find that beautiful because more than piano and he shows up for the people on a daily basis, he's willing to take that chance. He's risking his own. He's breaking his own. Oh, in a sense when he's being called to, to help.

And I love that. It also, as you were telling the story, I was struck by how para went, but Velez wanted to stay in this realm in the middle world. So that connection that he was already demonstrating, um, A desire for then went on to be a source of help to the people I think is really quite beautiful. And then the other thing that I really loved was that image of Peru looking in the water and then the mirror image of fellows coming out of the water.

That's a very fascinating kind of magical aspect as well. I love that too, because it's sort of, it's both identical and opposite. It contains both sort of the projection and exactly what is needed probably. And I don't know if I've tracked properly, but in my understanding, as you were talking, which might be wrong, I heard that bellows, the dark guff was the one who contained the place that was the underworld and had the hibernation in it.

And I thought it was such a lovely, lovely thought to me. I think of, of sort of an underworld God as a place of rest and repair corporation. Like it's not necessarily an eternal thing. It's not a bad thing. It's just a moment to lay down so that you can sort of recuperate and get up again. I thought that was absolutely nothing.

And I always love it about a Pantheon that in the original pantheons, there's not that division them good and bad. There's only appropriate, great or inappropriate. There's a moment, but the director, and there's a moment for the life data and call the right one. It's not that one of them is always evil or always good.

And it strikes me that there's not just the moment, but there's also the placement. There's a place where they're appropriate and a place where they're not appropriate as well as the timing. And then what happens when they step into those inappropriate moments and what occurs and what are the outcomes that happen in perhaps multiple realities as a result of that.

So perhaps it's good and evil doesn't really exist. It's directional. And then the story, the directional is truly in placement of where something is, but also yes, as, as you were saying where it exists in time and went to an appropriate things come together, or rather when two unlikely forces come together, is it through that surprise that new life is born because that's what happened here.

It was new life. It was dreamed. Kildonan had this vision. And yet he somehow always knew he couldn't do it alone. So there's so much going on here in terms of, what's not said what's not seeing that as part of the story that in first to me, the idea of sacrifice too, I always feel very heartbroken that we moved the word sacrifice away from the word sacred, because originally sacrifice was to make something sacred by giving up something else.

And so there's a way that he's giving up his own ears and contentment in order to invest in a relationship, that's going to turn into something that's at least got frictional, if not fully combative at times, in order to make something more beautiful in order to give us life. And I love that idea. And the B I love the story of the B two or that part about the B that, you know, a curse becomes a blessing.

I'm wondering if there are other animals, you know, in different versions of that, the story that are given their gifts by this interaction. That's what I think about applying it to me. I immediately think about the idea of what am I willing to give up. In what ways am I willing to give up my comfort in order to do something that is more powerful or more beautiful in the world.

But I also think of the idea of when is it appropriate for me to rest and how do I, because I tend to over work. How do I acknowledge in the moment? That that's not a failure. It's not that I'm not living up to the life. God image that I'm spending a little moment with the dark guy. This balance is good because we need both energies and the fascinating aspect of the light God Haroun and his vision and his dream expanding so rapidly that it becomes an issue and a difficulty and how that can apply to us where we have a dream that we.

Work for that can then take on a life of its own. And we don't always have until we have the hindsight to see, well, actually, how does this stream fit into the real fabric of my life and how my district be contained in a way that actually gives it more potency rather than just something so vast that it's spread out in a way that makes it smooth it's potency or it's magic as the case may be.

I completely agree with that. The idea of the I should have picked up on, and now it's just so like me not to pick on the boundaries, create boundaries that are up that like actually know where you start. And once again, knowing where the edges, because that's part of it when you know where you want this edge to be, that's when you do it, that's when you create that boundary, even being able to see the edges of dreams or the edges of.

Of something that's expanding beyond where we would even imagine. Yeah, I see the image in my mind of the light shining on the earth. And then what throws that light into high relief are the features of the landscape, the things that get created. And that's when the thing so beautiful about the stories, the many kinds of roles that it plays, both the creation story.

Um, it also gives the reasons for a number of different things about why they are the way that they are. And it also, I think, showed some signs of being able to help humans or people on the earth to know what are proper offerings. As you were saying, what are sacrifices are? What is really sacred? And also that need perhaps to learn how to collaborate, even when we might think that we're right.

One side or the other side, my, when those views come together, how do they interlock and an end up creating more? So it's a very rich myth, very rich story for the people. Thank you. I certainly see it that way. And so beautiful that, um, mean so much power in it that it makes sense that it would survive Christianity too, but even changing little particular aspects of it.

Nevertheless, it's so powerful. I could see that the people that this myth was a part of their heart story, would want to keep it in whatever form that they could. It's a story that keeps on going. I can feel that for myself, how I would want to take this story into the week with me is to just let myself hold in one hand, the light God, and then the other hand, the dark gods, so to speak and just see what happens.

What happens to let them both be. Here knowing that they hold an inherent kind of balance in themselves and what it would be like for me to, to experience that balance and that particular way. I like that idea. That's funny. I was just thinking as a takeaway, I've thought, because we did a lovely job with this and this, this was our myths of the time, um, that I wanted to actually do something to work with it this week, but that's what I'm going to do is the candles like candles around ballot.

That's funny. I don't know if I'm like brave enough right off to go with light and dark because I'm like, but I want to do two that are around balance and around bringing forth what is needed. And thank you so much. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for letting me share this story with you. It's one of my favorites. It's really beautiful. Thank you.

Special, thanks to the fantastic Zoe Magik for her phenomenal editing.