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186: Finding Your Passion, Purpose, and A Thriving Career – John Thorpe
Episode 18619th August 2022 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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One of the most common things men tell me in our coaching sessions is, "I'm just not happy. I have no purpose. I've lost my passion in my career." I get it, it's tough. So let's change all that or at least start that journey. John Thorpe, real estate broker and expert, found his passion in real estate but took it even deeper to help build LGBTQ roads in the industry. Today he shares how he keeps his passion alive and also how he fully embraces being himself in the workplace.

About John

John Thorpe is among a rare breed of professionals that can translate thought and creative leadership into implementation. With over+20 years of professional experience he's learned, above all else, that his strengths are within thought leadership, business strategy, and implementation. His experience is predominately in Real Estate, and he has always committed to helping real estate broker/owners tell their story better through their P&L, John has been recognized for his successes through various awards and accolades professionally. Of all of the success he has had in Real Estate, he is most proud that the knowledge and skills that he has has leveraged in the Real Estate industry can be utilized in almost any industry because above all, what he practices is being a high-impact leader. He is strategic minded, proactive, and innovative, and that serves him in any role and for any organization that wants to realize success –he goes beyond planning and strategizing, he implements, and that is his superpower! His #1 driver is a culture that emphasizes quality over quantity!!! His goal is to always lead individuals and teams to higher levels of production and self-worth. His experience with territory management, strategic growth, and sales/financial management makes him unique.

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