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Taking Time Off As a Podcast Editor
Episode 6213th October 2022 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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If you want to be successful as a podcast editor, you just need to grind it out. All time time. Day and night. When you're sick. When your family needs you. Just keep grinding.

Or do you?

The reality is that you're not a machine, and you didn't go into business so that you could be the worst boss you've ever had.


You need to take time off. You need to recharge. You need to have a LIFE.

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Listen to Discover

  • Why Jennifer stepped away from the podcast for a bit
  • Who didn't even show up to record this episode
  • How long it took Carrie to feel comfortable taking time off
  • How to deal with production lead times when getting ready for time off
  • How many days Daniel wants to have off to recharge every week
  • Ways to prepare for income changes when taking time off

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