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Astroshamanism: Findhorn Foundation Training 2005, 020305
Episode 122nd March 2005 • Institutum Provisorium • Franco Santoro
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Astroshamanism: Findhorn Foundation Training 2005, 020305

Cluny Hill College, Forres (Scotland), 19-25 February 2005, FINDHORN FOUNDATION TRAINING in ASTROSHAMANISM, Week One: A Journey into the Inner Universe, 26 February – 4 March 2005, FINDHORN FOUNDATION TRAINING in ASTROSHAMANISM, Week Two, The Voyage Through the Zodiac, with Franco Santoro (co-focalisers: Katharina Kroeber & Astrid Gude)

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Attended by 16 participants from Britain, Canada, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Ireland, Denmark. This two-week intensive offers a uniquely and thorough exposure to shamanic training with a continuity of contact with the focaliser and the work. Participants in the training experience practical tools for opening, discovering and supporting the relationship with their core spiritual identity and essential Intent. They also focus on releasing blocks and retrieving hidden potentials, and learn to bring shamanic healing work in their life and relationship with others. The training consists of two workshops, which can also be attended independently.

190205 (Saturday 19 February 2005, Binary 12.4), Excerpts from Day 1: opening session in the afternoon and purpose of the Training. Sharing of participants and Franco’s. The session lasted more than 3 hours.

200205 (Sunday 20 February 2005, Binary 12.4), Excerpts from Day 2 (Sun): morning at Cluny Sanctuary, with Franco explaining the three stages of the Sacred Cone ritual. Afternoon session with the circle on the floor and positioning in the natal Sun. The healing act of sitting in the wheel and changing positions. Brief references to the Sun’s position meaning as ego and the natal chart and planets. Natal position of planets and transits. The three worlds and the Tree. Vertical and horizontal axis. 12 Sectors. 144 combinations. 4 Directions. Quadrants. Description of steps to contact guide in a journey.

210205 (Monday 21 February 2005, Binary 12.4-5), Excerpts from Day 3 (Moon): in the morning talk and practices on the way of the warrior and the way of the adventurer, three worlds and guides; “I have achieved it, I’ve got that, then after less than a day I would find myself in the opposite space; shifts between high and low; “Can guides lie? Most of the time”; the drum, rattle, tambourine; “What kind of drums did you use yesterday?”, the kanjira; introduction to trance dance; the position of the Moon (28:10); keeping eyes closed and journeying into time with dance; purification and protection (44:51)

220205 (Tuesday 22 February 2005, Binary 12.5), Excerpts from Day 4 (Mars): evening with review of the day on Mars; types of Mars energy; preparation for the ritual; invocation and drumming, belling, invocations, various bells.

230205 (Wednesday 23 February 2005, Binary 12.5), Excerpts from Day 5 (Mercury): multidimensional experiences, documenting, use of languages, the Mercury symbol, becoming the mind, defragmentation, short drumming, partner exercise; sharing, gibberish (22:00-25:00), group gibberish; partner exercise; needs and intentions; partner exercise; music (34); sharing; illusory reality (40); getting rid of files or expanding memory; portrait of Mercury (51); full moon.

240205 (Thursday 24 February 2005, Binary 12.6), Excerpts from Day 6 (Jupiter): theme of the Guide, beginner Franco’s shamanic experience in a workshop at Waterloo; MW guide, core guide; description of journey to find guidance for a partner.

250205 (Friday 25 February 2005, Binary 12.6), Excerpts from Day 7 (Venus): the pleasure element; the regular practice; writing down; imagine the best possible relationship; recapitulation of the week; sector 8; illustrating training and courses; completion with chants, sharing of Franco.

260205 (Saturday 26 February 2005, Binary 12.7), Excerpts from Day 8: introduction of Franco.

270205 (Sunday 27 February 2005, Binary 12.7), Excerpts from Day 9 (Sun): position of the Ascendant; talents; contracts; episode of a Christian Philippine shaman at Uomo e il Mistero, killing a demon-mother; Sun; ruling planets.

280205 (Monday 28 February 2005, Binary 12.8), Excerpts from Day 10 (Moon): cleansing with sounds; dealing with the Moon (12.8); mastering the Moon before moving into other planets; Moon positioning

010305 (Tuesday 1 March 2005, Binary 12.8), Excerpts from Day 11: sharing, Peter “To me Franco’s teachings are like big ways that are penetrating me, there are some words and sentences I don’t understand, but watching the waves passing by and seeing its whole perspective allows me to see the essence. Whenever we ask questions or in some way, we break these waves it is like getting sucked down somehow and the lift which these teachings give me is broken. My request is to leave the questions to the moment when the waves have settled…” sharing on the trance dance, quite intense; the dance was horizontal; Moon in Scorpio and confrontation with death;

020305 (Wednesday 2 March 2005, Binary 12.9), Excerpts from Day 12 (Mercury): Moon in Scorpio (12.8); Mercury in general; practice: consider daily interaction with people, tools, animals, etc. “what’s the purpose of your communication?”; Mercury positioning; questions; correspondences; ascendant and descendant; chart upside down; Totem Spirits; planets-signs-houses definition; time of birth can be irrelevant; totem spirits and moods; (38) Totem spirits, Paheka description; Graha.

040305 (Friday 4 March 2005, Binary 12.10), Excerpts from Day 14: Good description of the whole training work and the myth. Friday tuning in; the sprouting seed (till 5:00); the astroshamanic journey – first part: the 12 sectors (5:08); easy and challenging aspects; the training basic level; Pisces; second part of the journey – relationships between the signs, 144 binaries (12:00 ca); emerging on the surface (18-22), horizontal and vertical; Sun and Moon; (24) vertical axis training; square aspect and oppositions (24-28); addictions and TS (30-34); (37) nature of shamanic work; (39) waste material; (49) spring sectors description.

Feedbacks: "Franco is undoubtedly an excellent focaliser on many dimensions" (Valentine); "He is a wise man, he knows his work well and was the right teacher for me in this program" (Harry); "What was most valuable: teachings about sacred relationship, death and trance dance. Doors for me have opened about being in relationship in a new way and also my view on guides have deepened in a very valuable way and my inner sense oif why I am on this planet and what I am to do here has become clearer" (A.Marie); "Tremendous, competent, helpful, great capacity to share teaching and creating a supporting environment" (Robert); "Thank you, Franco, your knowledge of shamanism is very impressive and your desire to fulfil your intent of bringing people back to themselves is clear" (Yana); "Franco is an excellent communicator and facilitator. He structures the program for the participants using group dynamics and the astroshamanic process. The major learning was the healing process and reintegration of the multidimensional self. The program is highly recommended and some of the longer term residents could learn what the word flexibility means when dealing with guests" (M.); "Franco was very passionate, dedicated, helpful, welcoming, very available and open to questions" (Niamh.)





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