What it Takes to Lead & Launch an Unprecedented Venture In the Psychedelic Space with Joshua White - 33
Episode 3310th August 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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Holding a vision for something that doesn’t yet exist and taking inspired action to transmute that inner vision into reality is true creative leadership. 

Joshua White had an idea to launch the first-ever  Psychedelic Peer Support Phone Line in the US and dedicated himself to making that vision a reality. 

He is now the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Fireside Project, which operates the first-ever national peer support line specifically aimed at helping people navigate psychedelic experiences. Fireside has now been featured in major publications like the Rolling Stones Magazine, Forbes, and has prominent people like Michael Pollen tweeting about his support for the project. 

Joshua deeply believes in the power of peer support and in the role of support lines as key components of an equitable community mental health ecosystem. 

In this candid conversation, Joshua shares what it takes as a leader to launch an unprecedented project and the key importance of holding a “bigger than you” vision to get you through the tougher times.

Fireside Project

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Dial 62-Fireside for psychedelic peer support 

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