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1127 - Executive Training for Leadership Teams with Executive Ownershift’s Dan Norenberg
20th March 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO of Executive Ownershift, Dan Norenberg .

Executive Ownershift is the framework Dan created for executive and strategic teams to help them improve their leadership skills and organizational results. Dan shares his background and explains how he ended up living in Europe. Dan shares that he was able to follow his desires to live there by adapting to constraints. He looked for marketing and sales roles he could serve in, but he recognized that what he needed was coaching and training to be ready to work where he lived in Germany. He became self employed ultimately, and that’s how he’s lived ever since. 

Josh and Dan explore the importance of making your team feel a part of something more. Dan says you have to explore where the culture of employee engagement starts in your business. You need to start engaging at the bottom, not the top. Executives who are self-aware enough to want to improve their leadership skills often work with solo coaches. Dan says this is where his services differ; Dan coaches entire leadership teams, as teams. Leadership is a team construct in Dan’s eyes, and this is why he coaches in this fashion.

Dan and Josh also talk about how engagement needs to happen within your company. Don’t just tell your team what to do, inspire them to follow in your footsteps. You need to show your team through actions that you want to engage with them and that you care. They also talk about also having people at all levels in an organization engage with customers. If things should be customer-centric, commit your team to excellence down to the individual employee. 

You also need to create a culture around the company’s mission. Talk to your team about the positive impact they make and encourage them to feel community in the shared vision of the organization. Dan explains that there are three areas of immediate opportunity for improvement that can be addressed in leadership teams across industries. For one, do they have a clear and worthy goal for future success? It’s hard to make a goal both clear and worthwhile in this day and age. Next, dedicate yourself to continuous improvement and excellence in your leadership team. If you aren’t driving that constant improvement at a leadership level, you won’t see results with the rest of your team. Finally, work on the business, not in the business. Don’t lose track of the ultimate goal by getting caught in the weeds. 

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