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Chapter Two | Friendship Album: Forget-Me-Not
Episode 26th January 2023 • Friendship Album Channel at Quilt Fiction • Frances O'Roark Dowell
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Bess wonders about the logistics of marrying Joe Mayfield while celebrating the addition of Edwina Baldwin to her household.

In this episode of Friendship Album, 1934: Forget Me Not, weddings are on everyone’s mind, especially Bess’s. As the episode begins, she and Edwina are putting on their coats and hats–Joe will be there any minute to drive them and the girls to the church for Florence’s nuptials. While Bess has to admit that things between her and Joe are getting serious, she can’t help but feel conflicted. Things in her life are finally settling down with the help of new housemate Edwina, and her late husband Bill is still very much in her thoughts.